AssignmentHippo Privacy Policy

About Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

Cookies are used by us exclusively for analytics, to facilitate payments and transactions and to facilitate login of the user during authentication process. The control for cookies is solely with user. User can opt for not receiving cookies, accepting cookies and to be informed when the cookies are granted.

Log files

Log files are maintained as a record of pages visited by the user, activity on the pages, time spent on a page, entry pages, exit pages and stream of clicks generated by the user. These are maintained alongside ISP data, IP addresses and location information. All of this information is collected and then stored collectively.

Right to forget

If you want to delete all associated activities and data you have provided will be deleted by us upon the user’s request within 14days of request being raised. To request removal of all associated activities, contact us at

Assignmenthippo may update this privacy policy and changes will come into effect upon uploading them on our site. The said event will precede notification to all the users regarding about the same. Subscription about the same lies with user if he wants to opt-in or opt-out of it, which will imply your consent about the same.