POL64115 Advanced Diploma of Forensic Investigation Assessment Answers

POL64115 Advanced Diploma of Forensic Investigation

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Forensic is the department of crime investigation that works on the scientific methods to solve a crime. The physical evidence related to the crime scene is the forensic investigation. These investigators investigate blood of the body, fluid on the body, fingerprints on the body and of the body, and other gadgets which are there on the crime scene. Evidence that helps crime experts in gathering proofs and solving the case are:

  • Blood, skin, hair, nails, basically the genetic material.
  • Shoe marks
  • Tire marks
  • Documents, records, and files of a body or related to the crime.
  • Phones, landline details, computer history.
  • Bullets or other weapons.
  • Substances that could be considered illicit.
  • Dental history of the body.
  • Chemicals on the body or at crime scenes.
  • Photographs and phone details.

These above-mentioned things can help the investigator to solve any case. All these are considered crucial pieces of evidence.

Types of forensics

Forensic Investigation is a broad term that includes many small terms. Forensic investigation has many types:

Forensic auditing

Forensic science

Forensic pathology

Forensic psychology

Forensic dentistry.

Forensic pathology.

Forensic toxicology.

Crime scene forensics.

Forensic entomology.

Forensic Archaeology.

  1. Forensic Accounting or auditing inspects the crime in terms of fraud done by the victim. The investigation regarding the finance, business, and account details of the victim or any other person related to the crime is done through the means of forensic accounting. There are various services that forensic accounting provides to the investigator of crime, police, or crime branch. Searching the assets that are hidden. Calculation of the lost wages. Investigating the fraud deeds and tracing of funds that are misappropriated. All these are the task of forensic accounting.
  2. Forensic science: As the term suggests its meaning, this department of forensic deals with the scientific aspect of this department. This is a varied field that deals with the coding of the deoxyribonucleic acid. The toxic drugs, their studying, and investigation. Further, its ballistics is also investigated and studied. This is a big part of forensics that has been changing and evolving through it.
  3. Forensic pathology: The cause of death is found by the pathologists of forensics. This branch of forensics works on the possible cause of death. Through autopsy, the cause can be determined. Autopsy needs both inside and outside of the body. The bullet points on the body, bruises on the body all these things will be studied by the pathologists and this helps in the investigation.
  4. Forensic Psychology: The thoughts behind the crime are studied by the psychologist of forensics. The attacker’s actions are studied and investigated through this branch of forensics. The emotional and the violent act of doing crime, the motive behind committing such thing is done by the psychologist of forensics.
  5. Forensic dentistry: the bites of a culprit by the victim are studied under forensic dentistry. The victim’s jaw, teeth, and all the dental organs are investigated. This helps in the investigation a lot.
  6. Forensic graphology: Handwriting, any notes, letters written with the pen are investigated under the graphology. This helps in the investigation a lot.
  7. Forensic Toxicology: The substances that are considered toxic are studied through this branch of forensics. Both the aspects whether it is legal and illegal are studied, this helps police or crime branch a lot.
  8. Crime- scene forensics: This forensics works with the police or crime branch. They investigate and collect all the possible evidence from crime-scene and work accordingly. All the evidence that is visible with the naked eye is collected by them.
  9. Forensic entomology: The insects that are found at the crime scenes are studied and investigated in forensic entomology. This helps in the investigation a lot.
  10. Forensic Archaeology: The humans decayed are studied and investigated under this branch of forensics.


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