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Fundamentals of Physics

Etymologically, “physics”, the word, has a Greek origin and means “the knowledge of nature’. Physics, as a branch of science, is characterised as a study of the nature and properties of matter, energy, and the relationships among them, with the ultimate goal of understanding the universe around us. Physics includes all sorts of matter, in the tiniest form it includes atoms and the smallest particles that make up the entire atom, and in the greater physical forms, it includes stars, planets and the universe. Physics includes energy in all manifestations, including light, air, sound, magnetism, gravity, and so on. In other words, it teaches us about the study of the objects that are naturally occurring and might not even have a shape but are the cornerstone in the occurrence of the universe.

Physics, in particular, focuses on some of the most basic questions regarding our physical universe and argues about the existence of the rules governing the "HOW" of everything present in it. Therefore, it can also be considered as the science dealing with physical quantities, in which regard, physics is widely accepted to be the most fundamental and important of all the natural sciences.

Another way of better understanding what physics is that physics and mathematics are closely related to one another in such a way that mathematics is the language of physics, which makes physics and its assignments cumbersome for a majority of students. Numerical values, units of measurements and similar concepts, are all mathematical and are used to describe physics in the most accurate and precise manner. However, makes the subject less discernible and more time, as well as effort consuming to work on. That is what makes students seek the assignment help Canada approves as trustworthy. Physics makes use of all the tools that maths teach us, but we have never used them before. To your relief, Assignment Hippo renders students with a deeper understanding of the subject by bringing about the best student learning outcomes.

Seek Assignment Help for All Branches of Physics

Physics has several branches dealing with different forms of matter and energy in space and time. Some of the major physical branches are as follow:

  • Acoustic: The branch of physics in which sound and sound waves are studied.
  • Astronomy: This branch of physics deals with the study of space.
  • Astrophysics: The branch studying the physical properties of the objects in space.
  • Atomic Physics: It deals with the study of the composition of atoms apart from the nucleus.
  • Geophysics: This branch entails the study of the shape, structure, and the composition of Earth and its crust.
  • Optics: the study of propagation, behaviour and characteristics of light and light waves.
  • Thermodynamics: The branch of physics dealing with the study of heat, and its relation with energy and work.

The above-mentioned branches are, of course, not all that physics includes. Quantum mechanics, nuclear physics and fluid dynamics are among the other branches of physics.

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