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A brief introduction of photochemistry

Photochemistry, a branch of chemistry, is a study of the chemical reactions that proceed as a result of the absorption of light radiations by atoms or molecules. It studies the chemical reactions, isomerisation and physical behaviour occurring under the impact of visible and/or ultraviolet (UV) light. The most common examples of such reactions as studied in photochemistry include the ones that follow:

  1. Photosynthesis of food, i.e. carbohydrates by plants

  2. The formation of ozone (O3) from oxygen (O2)

  3. The synthesis of Vitamin D by the means of sunlight

Therefore, the reactions that occur as a result of the absorption of radiations or photons are known as photochemical reactions. Some typical types of photochemical reaction along with their examples are shown here:

Henceforward, photochemistry is primarily involved in dealing with the rates and mechanisms of reactions that are caused due to the exposure to radiant energy, which lies in the ultraviolet, infrared, and visible range of spectrum and ranges from 2000 A° to 8000 A° (A°=angstrom) of wavelength. Of course, to ace photochemistry, one need to be a pro at chemistry, but what if someone is not? No worries, Assignment Hippo is your rescuer then! Our chemistry experts provide the best chemistry assignment help too that can help you learn chemistry quickly and effectively. So, seek it here and master the cornerstone of photochemistry and photochemical reactions. Furthermore, the foundation for the understanding of photochemical transformations lies in the two fundamental principles/laws that are explained as follow:

  • Grotthuss-Draper law, which is the first fundamental principle of photochemical transformations, states that for any photochemical reaction to occur, light has to be assimilated by the chemical compound.

  • Stark-Einstein law, which states that for each molecule chemical activated for a subsequent photochemical reaction, only one photon of light is absorbed, is the second fundamental law of photochemistry.

How photochemical reactions are different from other reactions?

As you probably know that the ordinary reactions that are caused due to the molecular collisions are called thermal or dark reactions, all of which are spontaneous thermal reactions accompanied by a decrease in the free energy. While photochemical reactions, on the other hand, are accompanied by an aggravation of free energy. Furthermore, the rate of most of the thermal reactions is very slow because only the molecules having an excess of energy can undergo a chemical reaction. Contradictorily, the rate of photochemical reactions is very fast since they are dependent on an outside source for their energy. In a photochemical reaction, molecules get activated by the absorption of photons of certain frequencies and wavelengths. Due to the pre-requisites for every reaction to occur, in addition to the intricacy that the reactions hold, scholars usually find learning and writing equations of photochemical reactions very perplexing. But to your relief, Assignment Hippo has got all the panaceas, just name your predicament and get it solved with our chemistry experts’ spectacular online photochemistry assignment help.

Moreover, any photochemical reaction occurs in two stages, i.e., primary and secondary processes. In the primary process, which is the initial stage, the reacting molecule undergoes activation by absorbing photons of light. However, in the later stage, also known as the secondary process, the activated molecules undergo further changes, referred to as the photochemical changes. Numerous artificial light sources are used by chemists to carry out photochemical reactions in the laboratories.

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