Organ system Assignment Help

Organ system means the group of organs that function for growth and development of the body.

Organs are made from tissue and tissue from cells. Our body is made up different organs that work in proper way so as to perform the specific function. It would be worthless to say that the absence of any parts or organs will make no difference in the overall system. All the organs of body are important and hence all are needed to make the body work properly. Some of the system of our body that is important is:

Integumentary system: it consists of all the external layers that protect our body form dirt and various infections. Different parts related to this system serve as the protective barrier for any germs or harmful substances that may enter the system and cause various problems. Such as: skin, nails, hairs all comes under the part of integumentary system.

Digestive system: right from the food we eat until its digestion and absorption are all maintained by this system. Different organs play important role in the complete process of ingestion, digestion and absorption like that of mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestine and many more of other accessory organs.

Organ system Assignment Help

Circulatory system: our body is full of important substances that circulate in the blood and reach every part of the system. Therefore, this circulatory organ includes, heart, blood vessels, lymph and so on.

Nervous system (that transmit the nerve impulse from one part to the other), reproductive system (that is involved in the process of reproduction) and many more of other system comes under the major branch of organ system.

All these system works in coordinated ways for proper functioning of the body.

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