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Marketing and innovation is a subject that talks about the current situation in the world. The subject encompasses several areas such as developing products/services, generating ideas, consumer behaviour (current and latent), improving customer experiences, opportunity identification and section, introducing innovation in marketing, the role of digital technology in developing new products/services etc.

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What Are Marketing And Innovation?

In marketing, there have been several changes as per the requirements of different business organisations. One of them is marketing innovation. In this method, significant changes take place in terms of product design, placing a product, packaging, product promotion and deciding the prices of products.

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Marketing and innovation is a new approach that has enhanced customer satisfaction level in the world today. Not only this, but a plethora of new markets have also been set due to the innovation that has been introduced in this sector. The objective of increasing the growth of an organisation is also encouraged with the help of marketing and innovation.

What Is Opportunity Identification And Selection In Business?

Talking about the major topic in marketing and innovation, opportunity identification and selection characterises three major aspects. Over the years, our expert academic writers have helped several students deal with the MKT20031 opportunity identification and selection assignments and produce flawless assignment solutions.

Following are the 3 major aspects of opportunity identification and selection in business that need to be mastered, before beginning to write the assignments that cover this domain.

  1. To recognise the market opportunities and generate new and innovative business ideas associated with the product/service. These products/services are designed in such a way to utilise the opportunity in an effective manner
  2. To collate and use the resources against the risk to get proper opportunities
  3. To create an operating business firm to implement the business idea that is motivated by the opportunities.

How To Select The Right Opportunities Within a Business Organisation?

Business opportunities identification and selection is a crucial process that is undertaken in every organisation to procure the best opportunities and optimise them in favour of the firm.

Our business assignment help experts have never hesitated to guide students on this process for we believe it is important to touch upon all the aspects if you wish to write impeccable MKT20031 opportunity identification and selection assignments. As per our business assignment writers, there are 6 steps to select the right opportunities within a business organisation, which are as follows:

  1. The first step is to understand and select the personal business goals of a particular firm
  2. Next comes conducting thorough research on the favourite industries
  3. Then, among them, choose the most promising segments in the selected industry
  4. After this, the problem areas have to be identified and new ideas need to be brainstormed
  5. The next step is to compare and contrast the plausible solutions that adhere to the objectives and market opportunities available
  6. In the end, only the most promising opportunities need to be gathered and worked upon.

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MKT20031 Marketing and Innovation Opportunity Identification And Selection Assignment Sample

This is the MKT20031 assessment 1 portfolio report that students have sent us recently. It contributes 20% to the overall grades for the unit and has to be written in the form of a 1500-words report.

The primary aim of the assessment is to help students understand future trends in marketing and developing innovations that align with those trends. Our business assignment help experts select one future trend among the list given and then analyse the best consumer segment with the help of an appropriate theoretical framework. This way, by analysing the consumer needs, our opportunity identification and selection assignment help experts introduce innovation to meet the requirements.

With the help of four Australian consumer segments template and Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) theory, we completed drafting this MKT20031 assessment 1 portfolio report.

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