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Nursing Case Assignment Help

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A nursing case study is an assignment that requires research on a particular issue while learning.  For the nursing case study, it is about looking at patient information on symptoms, medical history, treatment, diagnosis, conclusion, and recommendations from nursing practice person.  It might be tricky for some to write a nursing case study, but you can always get the best nursing case study writer to write it for you in easy steps. 

Why Medical Students Need Nursing Case Studies?

There are many nursing students who are busy with other stuff or do part-time jobs to make ends meet; they don’t get that much time to devote to the research of nursing case studies. Every medical student at least once in their lifetime looking for nursing expert help to complete their nursing case studies as they don’t get much time to write their nursing assignments. Every nursing or medical student has to follow a very tight schedule which barely allows them to do anything else. In order to get some relief and free time for themselves, nursing students avail of nursing Case Assignment Help that allows them to give the necessary time to the other things in their life.

Online Nursing Case Assignment Help Sections

  • There are three big sections, and they are namely;
  • The assessment of a nurse regarding the patient’s status
  • Information regarding the patient
  • The treatment plan plus the recommendations.

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Section 1: Patient status

Section 2: The preparation of nursing assessment

Section 3: The recommendations for augmenting it and the present treatment process

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Writing a nursing case study all by students may be a little difficult for the students at first. Almost every nursing student requires some professional help at the starting stage of their nursing case studies. There are many difficulties are there that a nursing student may face while writing the nursing case study at first. Nursing Professional help provided by My Assignment Help will guide medical students on every step of their nursing case study as well as in getting greater marks. Nursing Case Assignment Help offered by Myassignmenthelp and the professionals will train a nursing student about the standards of writing a case study perfectly.

Nursing Case Assignment Help Sample Assignment

 Rainey is a 64-year-old woman of Maori descent who has been married for 42 years and has

2 grown-up daughters. Both of Rainey’s parents died when they were in their mid-60s of ‘heart attacks”. Two of her 4 brothers have had heart attacks and have high BP and her remaining uncle had ‘2 heart attacks and a stroke’. Rainey leads a sedentary lifestyle and her diet is mostly high in fat and sugar. Her body mass index is 31 kg/m2 and her waist measurement is 101cm. Rainey presented to her GP complaining of flu-like symptoms. The GP took her BP and found that it was 160/100. He listened to her chest and found it to be clear. He did not prescribe antibiotics but ordered further tests for her elevated BP. Rainey followed up with her GP a few days later, her BP was found to be 165/100. Other tests include serum cholesterol 7.2 mmol/L, LDL 6.2, HDL 0.7, and fasting triglyceride 5.9 mmol/L. The GP suggested she needed to make some lifestyle modifications.

One morning 3 months later, a neighbor found Rainey lying on the lawn complaining of severe, crushing chest pain radiating to the neck and jaw. The neighbor did not know how long she had been there.  Rainey was admitted to the hospital via ambulance. On the way to the ED, she also vomited.  On admission to the ED, an assessment was taken. During the assessment, Rainey admitted that she had been experiencing episodes of chest followed by ear pain over the last three months. She rated the chest pain as 8/10. Using the PQRST method, she confirmed that the pain was provoked by exercise, that is was a crushing feeling radiating to the neck and jaw, that it scored 9/10 at its most severe and lasted for more than 15 minutes.

 She was ordered an ECG, blood for serum markers, oxygen via mask, insertion of 2 large IV cannulas, morphine 10mg, aspirin 325 mg, arginine 400 mcg spray, 1-2 sl. The ECG showed ST elevation, the serum cardiac markers showed slightly depressed creatine kinase, and grossly elevated troponin 1 and troponin T. The ischemia was not immediately reversed and so Rainey developed acute coronary syndrome specifically an ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction.

Given the uncertainty of the time of onset of symptoms, Rainey was not offered fibrinolytic therapy. Therefore, the decision was made to undertake a coronary balloon angioplasty with the insertion of a stent via a right groin puncture.  That evening, Rainey was transferred to the medical ward for further recovery and ongoing assessment and monitoring.