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Basic idea on nuclear chemistry

Nuclear chemistry is a broad field of science that specifically falls in the branch of chemistry. It is the study conducted on different elements with modification in the structure of the atom.

Nuclear Chemistry Assignment Help In a sentence, nuclear chemistry can be defined as a chemical reaction that takes place due to fusion of atoms and its particle. The best example for nuclear energy is the sun. We all know that without the heat and light from the sun, it is impossible to survive on the earth but surprisingly the sun we see in the clear sky undergoes several nuclear reaction to produce tremendous amount of energy. Though we areunaware about it, but nuclear reaction takes place around us every time in different forms that makes life possible on the earth. Hence, discovering this idea and core concept of nuclear reaction and the way it works have gave rise to separate branch of chemistry termed as nuclear chemistry.

Three most common term associated with these field of chemistry are:

  • 1. Isotopes: These are the forms of an atom having different chemical masses but similar chemical properties.
  • 2. Nuclear fusion: It is the process in which a new element formed by the collision of two elements.
  • 3. Nuclear fission: The splitting of nuclei of an atom into smaller form is termed as nuclear fission.

Uses of nuclear chemistry:

Presently, nuclear chemistry is applied widely in every field of research, whether that involves designing of nuclear weapons, medicines or control of environmental disasters. Some of the points that describe the use of nuclear chemistry are:

  1. Control of harmful insect by use of gamma rays.
  2. Use of X-ray, gamma ray or different isotopes for diagnosis of different parts of the body.
  3. Detection of environmental pollution.
  4. Treatment of different types of diseases.
  5. Use of different fertilizers.
  6. Preservation of food.

These are all the daily part of our routine and application of ideas on nuclear chemistry have made it easy to live a well- balanced life. Beside these few points, the use of ideas form this field have helped in designing of several thousand weapons and nuclear machineries.

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