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Molecular Biology is concerned with molecules of life. It is the process that deals with biological actions taking place at the molecular level. Therefore this field in biology overlaps with chemistry and other branches of Biology including biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry etc. The techniques and methods used in molecular biology are also directly or indirectly applied in these fields.

Molecular Biology Assignment Help

The central idea in biochemistry is understanding the functioning and working of DNA, RNA and protein in the body. The molecular mechanism involved in the process of replication, transcription, translation are descriptively studied in molecular biology. Therefore central dogma of life is focused in this subject. This subject extend ideas on cells, their functions, their connections, chemical processes, growth and their activities. The translation of DNA to RNA and then transcription of RNA to protein, the biochemical pathway, are all the important topics in molecular biology. Therefore in this article, a brief introduction in this subject is provided to students. Also from this article, students can get to know about the services and facilities provided by assignmenthippo.com for their assignment on molecular Biology.

Molecular Biology and other biological sciences

The ideas and methods in molecular Biology basically combines with two important other fields of Biological sciences namely biochemistry and genetics. Biochemistry helps in the study of important chemical processes occurring in living organism. Likewise the study of difference in genetic characteristics of living organism, interaction of genes, their functioning in living body, etc. are studied in genetics. Therefore, interlacing the idea of both these fields in molecular biology, the concept is made clear and understandable. But with increasing research activity, the curriculum in molecular Biology has widened up, connecting this branch of science to other biological fields. So, in case if you are having trouble in writing your assignment with intermixed and interconnected concept, you can call or email the tutors of assignmenthippo.com for necessary help in this subject. The subject expert working with our online site will help students in the requested manner for solving doubts for their molecular biology assignment. They can switch to our site at any time to get immediate answer for the question.

Procedures applied in Molecular Biology

While conducting research and findings in molecular Biology, certain techniques and procedures are used. Few of the very popular procedures employed in molecular biology are mentioned below:

Molecular cloning: The reason behind molecular cloning is to conduct study and investigation on protein and its function. Therefore in this process replica or copy of DNA that code for specific protein is made in a plasmid also called vector. This vector has 3 three important areas; molecular cloning site, a marker, origin of replication that also has a promoter region. This plasmid when inserted into host cell i.e. either bacterial cell or animal cell by the process of transformation, conjugation and transduction; transfection in case of eukaryotes helps to keep check on progress of targeted protein.

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR): This is the technique that is applied to copy DNA or modify it in the desired manner. Presently this technique is used in wide scale by the researchers in laboratories for carrying out different scientific processes.

Electrophoresis and blotting: The process of electrophoresis along with three types of blotting namely Northern, Southern and Western is another important technique applied in molecular Biology. Though the basic procedures of all the blotting is same but still there are some variations depending on their applications.

Other techniques employed in Molecular Biology is microarrays, ASO, etc. Moreover, technologies employed in molecular biology are always being modified and developed. So depending on the level of your course, students get the practical experience on use of every technology. If you need details of these techniques along with well-drawn diagram; students can choose molecular biology Assignment Help without any hesitation. Assignment Help facility at this Assignment Help site covers all the topics and sections of molecular biology assignment, along with well-framed diagram and complete explanation. All this is provided by subject experts and field specific tutors in minimum time period.

Some of the important topic studied under molecular Biology in graduate and undergraduate level are:

  • Taq polymerase
  • Transgene
  • Transformation
  • Transcription
  • Tumor suppressor
  • Transfection
  • Transposition
  • Translation
  • Terminator
  • Shotgun cloning
  • snRNP and lot more.

These are few topics important in molecular biology. In case of trouble writing molecular Biology assignment, students can lessen their burden by seeking help from our popular tutors in minimum time.