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The microcontroller is a compressed microcomputer used to control home appliances, office machinery, vehicles, and even a number of electronics gadgets. Moreover, in this era of IoT, microcontrollers have become more crucial. Considering its significance and usages, the universities put more stress on the students pursuing engineering to learn and attain more insight into the concepts, application and programming of microcontrollers.

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Key Components Of A Microcontroller

Before getting into microcontroller programming, it is inevitable to understand the basic components of a microcontroller.

The Processor

The processor or even the central processing unit is the core of a microcontroller. It works as a brain and channelizes various functions in the device, such as receiving the information, processing and delivering the right output.


Memory in the microcontroller allows the device for delivering necessary outputs. It is only the place the microcontroller stores the information like user commands and instructions for the processor's proper functioning. Memory can be categorized into programme memory and data memory.

The programmer memory stays permanently inside the processors and instrumental in effective device function. On the contrary, the data memory is temporary, and after a particular function, it gets disposed of.

The Peripherals

The peripherals, more precisely the input-output peripherals, are another crucial component of a microcontroller, and they serve as the interaction medium with the executioner. The input peripherals are used to provide the right information to the microcontroller, and output peripherals effectively offer the desired result to the users.

An Overview on Microcontroller Programming

Microcontroller programming is all about coding the device with specific intentions. There are different software and languages used for writing different codes for the microcontroller and the IC chips. Mostly the program of microcontroller uses assembly level language, and that gets compiled into a machine level language or even binary language. The programmed file is then stored inside the memory of a microcontroller. During the programming, the compiler plays a key role in converting the high-level program into machine level. The compiler generates a hex file which can be understandable for the microcontroller, and the file works according to the instruction and program.

For writing a microcontroller program, the programmers require extensive knowledge of the hardware and also languages like C, JAVA, ORACLE as they are widely used.

FAQs on Microcontroller

What Are The Types Of Microcontroller?

Microcontrollers can be of different types based on different metrics such as memory architecture, bus width and CPU architecture. In terms of the bus, width microcontrollers can be 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit, and they vary according to the number of wires and their capability in handling data words of a definite length. On the contrary, the microcontroller can be of two types in terms of memory, such as internal memory and external memory.

What Is The Key Difference Between A Microcontroller And A Microprocessor?

A microcontroller is a microcomputer that features a microprocessor, RAM, ROM and few input/outputs peripherals. On the contrary, a microprocessor is a single-chip CPU, and like a microcontroller, it is not a complete computer system. Secondly, the microcontroller uses an internal controlling bus, whereas microprocessors use an external bus for interfacing to different memory and peripherals.

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In this assignment the students have to showcase their knowledge and skills of microcontroller programming using the concepts of finite state machine, MBed tool chain, flowchart and embedded C language.

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