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Fabrication is a major part of engineering. While manufacturing certain materials the process of fabrication is given immense importance. Fabrication is part of mechanical engineering. Fabrications give the perfect and desirable shape for the metals. This task of fabrication is part of various industries such as construction, marine, engineering, and many more.

Fabrication by the definition refers to the building of structures made up of metals. The process of fabrication involves various processes like cutting, welding, profiling, bending, and assembling. The metals on which the process of fabrication is done are ferrous and non-ferrous. These metals are taken by the fabricator in the raw form then they are cut, bent and they are bent and at last formed into the desired shapes and size.

This capability characterizes the abilities and information expected of a designing merchant - creation inside metal, designing, producing, and related businesses. The capability has been explicitly evolved to address the issues of understudies in the above exchange. This capability should be attempted through a Preparation Agreement or proper exchange acknowledgment appraisal measures. The abilities related to this capability are proposed to apply to a wide scope of manufacturing work, including undertaking metal creation, primary steel erection, sheet metal work, welding, blacksmithing, and surface wrapping up. This capability is intended to give an industry perceived abilities profile identified with exchange fill in as a Designing Dealer - Creation.

Evaluation of certain units of skill must where shown, remember proof of the up-and-comer's exhibition for a working environment where there is an adequate scope of suitable undertakings and materials to cover the extent of use of those units. All results should mirror the norm of execution innate in the work. No authorizing, administrative, or accreditation necessities apply to this capability at the hour of distribution. Nonetheless, in certain locales units in this capability may identify with authorizing or administrative necessities. Nearby guidelines ought to be checked.

Fabrication engineers configuration, execute and improve fabricating frameworks and cycles. Otherwise called modern designers or assembling engineers, they may have particular information in metallurgy, welding, or a particular creation measure. Creation engineers utilize their preparation and mastery to work in groups with different friends and experts to improve fabricating measures. They are engaged with the whole interaction, from planning to carrying out to guaranteeing the effectiveness of any enhancements. When creation engineers have acquired their permit, they become proficient designers and are needed to proceed with their schooling to keep up their permit. For meeting the demands of this sector A learner should have basic knowledge regarding the complex process of engineering-fabrication trade and tasks related to the same. The certificate course of Engineering-fabrication trade develops skills in the learner of all the activities and tasks that happen in the operations that are related to engineering-fabrication trade. The unit is not only limited to technical skills which are required for the job but also management skills. The learner will be learning the basics of all of the steps that are involved in the process of services for the engineering fabrication trade.  As it is described that Engineering-fabrication trade has many steps and processes, hence, a learner is expected to be excelled in all the tasks. This is a crucial step in gaining knowledge. The course on Engineering-fabrication trade is for the learners that wanted to proceed with their future in the sector of Engineering-fabrication trade or the management of the same. Training will also be conducted by the university. This will provide exposure to the learner. A learner can get all the practical knowledge through training.

For any developing sector, management plays an important role. Many people who are engaged in the Engineering-fabrication trade wanted growth in their careers. This course can make their task easier by inculcating them with the skills of engineering-fabrication trade. The government is also giving funds to the needy ones. Furthermore, there are many extra merits that learners can avail of from this course. Incentives, pieces of training, and salary hikes are other features which are attracting learners for pursuing this course as it will give more perfection at work. Scholarships are also awarded. The government also provides loans to needy students who are willing to do this course but they are lacking in financial support. The Engineering-fabrication trade course is for students that have immense interest in this process.

Course Details

The course has 96 points that must be completed by the learner. Out of the 96 points, 33 points are core units and the rest are the elective units.

Core units

33 points

Elective units

40 from A to G and 23 points from H


96 points

The details of a few of the core units are given below:

Unit code 

Unit title 


 technical drawing


manual handling


engineering measurements




Work safely and effectively


Planning of the work activities


· Organization of the information

· communicate information


computing technology


provision of on-the-job training


hand tools


power tools/handheld operations


 environmentally sustainable work practices

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