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Medicine and Biology

Medical science forms the basis for an understanding on how human and animal bodies function, and how their bodies respond to various diseases, exercises, diets, internal disturbances and environmental influences. One requires a deep understanding of the anatomy, physiology and pathology from cellular level to systems level, to become a practitioner of medical science. Adaptive and complex interplay between environmental factors & genetics, biochemical pathways and physiological system are required for the well being of a person. Medical science explores molecular, cellular and systematic organisation of human body and its biological mechanisms to adapt to environmental changes and its challenges.

The concepts, principles and theories that enhance the understanding of people towards its natural environment are the core for biology, which is the study of life. Living things do not exist in isolation, is one of the most general principle of biology. Which means living things interact with the environment and depend on either living or non-living thing or both to aid their survival.

In advanced levels of biology scientists use scientific methods to solve questions. It includes observing, making a hypothesis, collecting data, publishing results, forming a theory, developing new hypothesis, and revising theories. It adds to the already existing knowledge pool to further enhance understanding of life, organisms in a given environment.

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