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Aircraft maintenance is one of the main tasks in the running of the flying industry. There is always a need for a team that ensures the proper working of the Aircraft. Aircraft has been constantly used for the past 100 years and it is being used for transportation, traveling, and other various purposes. The flying industry has been so many tasks possible and significantly it can cover thousands of miles under few hours. It is one of the very significant industries of modern times which concentrates on full filing for various purposes. But every good thing needs maintenance. And similarly, there is a team that is dedicated to the servicing purposes of aviation vehicles. These services include maintenance, repairing, manufacturing, Surface finishing, Life support equipment, and many more. And these services tend to give rise to the hundreds of occupations in the aviation industry. Due to these services and the operation services, a team of skilled and witty individuals is required in this field who could operate every task without any trouble. One such service is surface finishing and which is focused to provide a clean and tidy look of the aircraft. After the manufacturing of the aircraft, there are certain changes and alterations are being done. And reshaping of a particular component in the aircraft is included in the qualification. The qualification focuses on equipping the candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills about surface finishing. The qualification of the surface finishing us so fast that they can be used for various other purposes. There is much industry which requires skilled individuals who can add up to the team of surface industry., The qualification of the MEA30118- Certificate III in Aircraft Surface Finishing focuses on providing teaching about the aviation industry. The candidate must know the measurement, which would make it easier for them to learn. The course builds up the experienced individuals and makes them familiar with the conventional high solid’s paints, clear coat, application of non-slip, heat resistance as well as pearl finishing coating. The individuate gets the exposure to paint various vehicles and automobiles to build a constant habit. The appearance is the last thing that matters in the aviation industry because the core strength and ability of the aircraft matter. But the appearance of the aircraft makes it more adorable and makes the aircrew feel good about it. Different color jets and aircraft tend to hold different meanings. But usually, the passenger planes are painted white. The course will include formal education and training. the training comprises surface preparation where the individual would learn to make a clear, definite shape to the aircraft. And followed by the painting and coating. Usually, one coat is not sufficient to give it a pearl finish. Therefore, usage and skills of several coating would be taught to the candidate. The coating also comprises different types such a step internal and external. Apart from the painting, the candidate would be brief information about the Chemical paint removal, Livery design, Fibreglass repairs and replacement, Corrosion control including surface protection. The qualification would give an abundance of knowledge in the above mention field. The coating of the paint is supposed to be sun-resistant and there must be detailing because surface finishing is not the task that is done regularly. The qualification also taught the glimpses f the surface rejuvenation of the aircraft specification, Ground Support Equipment, Flight control, and painting facilities. And a range of different services is also included which are given to the aircrew and the aircraft. The painting capability of the candidate would increase and it would become deployable. The surface finishing in the Aircraft should be the most high-quality surface in the industry. Therefore, candidates should be very focused while training.


There are several benefits that candidates can have from the qualification of the MEA30118- Certificate III in Aircraft Surface Finishing. It helps you to build a career from the beginning in the flying industry. There are various job opportunities in the field of aviation and also in other industries. Surface finishing is several tasks which are need o be done. It includes designing, reshaping, painting, polishing. The course offers the candidate to learn about different coating and how to build a heat resistance and other proofs coat. The qualification offers to candidates to indulge in the training process before the competition of the course which allows them to learn various skills a technique. The Government has various schemes for the student who wishes to study in the MEA30118- Certificate III in Aircraft Surface Finishing. The government encourages the student to study and provides better outcomes to the aviation industry. There is a good scope in the flying industry, it not only offers you better income but it has extra benefits with it. If a candidate to explore the aviation industry, then this is a good step as a beginner. The course is very apt for the beginner’s level. There are more advance and major versions are available for the candidates who wish to become professional in their studies. This is a multipurpose qualification which can be opted by the candidates who are looking for part-time job opportunities and full-time as well. The qualification provided are very convenient and are very useful for career purposes. The record states that 81% of the candidate feels that the course is apt and offers various knowledge which is very effective.


The qualification the course helps the individual to get hired in the aircraft maintenance organization and several skills such as coting, redesigning, painting are being taught. The skills are very essential and they can be learned by any amateur individual. There is a common subject to some of the certifications of levels III and IV. The course will provide you an abundance of knowledge which would be very beneficial for you.

Certain units are required to be completed before the competition of the qualification. There is no other documentation is required for getting admission into the course. There are also advanced courses for better qualifications.

Core unit



Interpret and use aviation maintenance


Apply self-maintainer environment


Work in a healthy work environment


Plan and obtain work maintenance activities


Maintain quality standards


Complete aviation qualification


Maintenance of basic hand and manual skills


Use of ethical practices in a workplace




Learn spray painting


Apply air-drying enamel


Learn removing surface coating


Pre-treatment of alloy surfaces

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