MEA20518 Certificate II in Aircraft Line Maintenance Assessment Answer

MEA20518 Certificate II in Aircraft Line Maintenance

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The maintenance management system of the aviation degree program was specifically constructed and designed to widen the scope of aviation professionals. The program offered in this degree of aviation maintenance management plays its role in exposing to maintain, operation of aircraft systems and avionics blending of both practical and theoretical approaches. Program graduation offers a coveted diploma from a highly reputed university or college, along with the required skills and knowledge for a career in areas like manufacturing organizations and aircraft maintenance, engine, airlines, and component manufacture, training institutions and companies, and the Canadian forces and civil aviation. Aviation maintenance is the performance of works that are needed to ensure the continuing value of a part of an aircraft or aircraft itself that includes replacement, rectification, defect, inspection, and overhaul compliance with the values directives and repair. The maintenance process and department of aircraft are highly regulated concerning ensure correct functioning and safety during a flight. National regulations included in civil aviation are well coordinated under standards formed internationally and the establishment which is taken by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The international standards formed in ICAO must take the implementation by the local bodies to regulate the tasks and process in maintenance, inspection, and personnel system as well. License is a must for the staff members who play the tasks involved in the Aviation Maintenance Management. Aeronautical Engineering is a trending brand in the engineering field that attracts many students with different interests in flights and jets with their mechanism. The job description of an Aeronautical engineer is to construct and devise an aircraft and its systems along with other responsibilities over time. The education system refers to different factors which include economic and social to construct public schools at the national, state, and community levels. These factors include funding from the public, facilities in the schools, staffing facilities, benefits to the employees, resource requirements for teaching, and compensation.

The Australian education system is said to be a highly structured and prestigious system in education. This is why students from different countries are trying to be a part of this renowned education system. This article will take you through the information required to decide on your studies of your choice. Despite a government or any other private sector, the complete education system in Australia follows the regulations laid by the Australian curriculum, evaluation, and reporting body. The education system in Australia is governed and regulated by the education minister (Dan Tehan). Australia has a well-established education industry and includes the majority of schools and universities from which maximum are so ancient. The education system in Australia is a billion-dollar system that contributes around 5-6% of their GDP. The very good thing about their system is it is mandatory to provide education to a child whose age is 6 to 16 years. The term related to operating or flying an aircraft is aviation. The course is designed particularly for the maintenance of the aircraft. As the industry of airlines is on the boost, the number of aircraft and jets are also increasing simultaneously. With the increase in the technology of aircraft, there is a need for the people who can design it, operate it, and maintain it. In the era where engineers are working on air bikes and air cars. The need the maintaining it is increasing day by day. The course is designed for the students who have pursued the management of aviation maintenance at a basic level, and also are working in this industry. There are further requirements for the course at a general level. A learner who is not employed in the maintenance industry of aviation cannot pursue this advanced diploma. There is a training program developed for the people who wanted to take their career at an advanced level from this course.

Description of the course

The qualification is useful for the individuals who are employed in positions of manager in both the Australian and Defence Force regulatory environments in the required areas of mechanical maintenance management and Integrated support in Logistics. Most of the management positions in the aviation maintenance management system apply to the qualification and it also consists of valued regulatory requirements concerning the aviation maintenance services. No direct pathway is available to get into the aviation industry.

Summary of employability Skills

  1. The importance of work schedules is because,
  2. To make sure the tasks and responsibilities are covered in the given timeline
  3. To maintain proper consistency in achieving goals
  4. To get your work done effectively.
  5. Identification of the goals and objectives
  6. Keeping track of the goals achieved and to be achieved
  7. Talk about the benefits of creating goals
  8. Setting and defining clear milestones
  9. Providing progress reports to each employee and give feedbacks
  10. Assist previous goals and achievements
  11. Set a well-planned work plan
    1. Setting goals
    2. Proper communication of strategies to everyone to achieve the goals
    3. Team building and working together
    4. Handling workplace disputer and resolving them positively
  12. Adapting new changes and trends and work accordingly
  13. Maintain a healthy relationship between an employer and employees
  14. Maintain consistency in the communication pattern
  15. High engagement of workers
  16. High-performance level
  17. Building healthy team

The course contains

The qualification includes the following:

Unit type

Number of units

Core Units


Elective Units


Total no. of units


Contents in the package

Code of the Unit



Interpretation and application of aviation maintenance industry specifications and manuals


Administrative services to get the certification in civil aircraft line maintenance


Application of self in the environment of the aviation maintenance system


Application of quality standards in the activities taking place for aviation maintenance system


Performing basic hand-on activities in aviation maintenance


Application of electrical test equipment for the performance of basic electrical tests on aircraft and their components

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