MAR60120 Advanced Diploma of Marine Engineering Assessment Answer

MAR60120 Advanced Diploma of Marine Engineering

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A marine engineer is one of the professional career options that one can opt for. It is a career option that can be succeeded by fulfilling the course of maritime engineering. Maritime engineers are responsible for the operation, maintenance, looking after the technical and mechanical work related to the pieces of equipment on the ship. The maritime engineers look after the mechanical systems. And each engineer is allotted with a rank who work specifically according to the rank. Each rank has specific machinery and systems which are needed to be maintained and monitor accordingly. All the machinery is divided among the present engineer and each engineer is responsible for whether the allotted machine is working with full efficiency or not. They also look after every machine that is available on the deck. There is a specific department for the engine room that keeps track of every machinery output. Proper record using various technology is being traced for an official statement and reporting to the official s. Another responsibility includes the transfer of the fuel oil tanks. The course also allows the student to learn about the major breakdowns of machines in the sea. Usually, there is the training given to them to deal with such circumstances but there are times when there is a need when they need experts. Therefore, there are experts and marine engineers who are required to work to resolve the specific issue caused due to the major breakdown. There are a variety of programs are launched under the marine programs such as underwater training, cable lying work, renewable energy production in marine areas. Due to the advance in technology, there has been an addition to the specific functionalities to the marine and the services such as magnetohydrodynamics. Marine engineers can opt for different types of vessels according to the training they have been involved in such as Dynamic position vessels, Port assisting vessels, Passenger vessels, and offshore [platforms and ships. Various students show a deep interest in such courses because they provide a great scope in career management. Both the navy i.e., merchant navy and the official navy have an excellent scope to explore the opportunity and worked for the nation. Another option is that students who completed this course can work in manufacturing companies and production houses. And there is also an option available where engineers can switch their position in the navy and army but this is possible in some countries only.


Student s who are enrolled in such programs are co-operative marine engineering cadet programs. The course is suitable for the people who work in the maritime industry and are associated with the navy. This course will provide your identification in the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) certificate in classes 1 and 2 respectively. Engineers who sustain their diploma course in Class 1 attain the STCW Chief Engineer unlimited and class 2 are STCW Second Engineer Unlimited.


The course will provide theoretical and practical knowledge in the Maritimes and will enable the candidate to meet the requirement for certification under the Australian Authority in class 1. And this is defined as the Marine Orders and STCW.

AMSA certifications required the students to follow the necessary task like completing the program of study regulation STCW A-3 and A-III/2. The candidate should hold the certificate of competency which is defined in the Marine order 72. He should be completing the qualifying sea serviced wand STCW short courses. He must hold the AMSA certificate which should assure the medical fitness of the candidate and he must have passes the AMSA assessment. After meeting all the Oder registered in Marine Order 72, he can qualify for the AMSA certificate of competency as a Marine engineer. The final two semesters are dedicated to STCW Reg.III /1 marine engineer in class 1 and such students are allowed to apply for the course. After completion of the last 2 semesters, they can be free from the writing examination held for the post of Chief Engineer officer.

There is no specific requirement needed for enrollment in the Diploma course. There are 14 units in engineer class9motor) and 14cin steam. In engineer class 1 including both the motor and the steam + there are 15 units plus all units from Group C. AMSA Specification includes Class 1 motor specialist which comprises 17 units and the same is required in Engineer class 1 (steam) specialization.

The core units include:


The major task includes the safety of the crew and vessel and the passengers in the ship


The task involves the leadership and management quality


Operation and maintaining the machinery in ships exceeding 1000 volts


Implantation of the advanced principles in marine course 


Learn and present the deep knowledge in the marine control system


Presenting and implementation of the marine electrical systems


Learn and present the good knowledge in the marine machinery and system available in the ship


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