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Literature review refers to the collection of published information in a chosen subject area. It can be a simple summary of literature sources and at times may also have an organisational pattern that is a combination of ‘Summary’ and ‘Synthesis’. A Summary denotes the recap of important information of the source and Synthesis refers to re-organisation. Literature review can be used for tracing the intellectual progression of a field, including major debates. In a literature review assignment, selected sources are evaluated and the readers are advised about most the important and relevant information.

Literature review is a helpful guide in relation to a specific topic and acts as a stepping-stone to research. Professionals make use of literature review as useful guides to keep themselves updated with the latest information and research findings in their chosen field. For scholars, the depth and breadth of a writer is emphasized through a literature review. It provides a solid background for investigation of a research paper.

Along with the enhancement of knowledge, literature review allows its writer to gain and demonstrate their skills in Information Seeking and Critical Appraisal. It depicts the ability of the writer to Scan Literature Efficiently using both Computerised and Manual Methods to Identify Useful Articles and Books. It also analyses the writer’s ability to apply Principles of Analysis and identify Unbiased and Valid studies.

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