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Literature, in a wider sense, is any kind of written material. Literature is more confined as an art form in writing. It normally is deemed to have aesthetic or intellectual value. It is different than any normal piece of writing mainly due to the artistic twist in the language and the way of writing.

The word literature is derived from the Latin word 'litteratura' meaning "writing formed with letters,". Literature mainly includes poetry, nonfiction, journalism, drama, fiction, and in some occurrences songs too.

Many writers have tried to understand what is literature in true sense and have tried to form a stable and everlasting definition of it. "what is literature? " also published by the name of literature and existentialism is an essay by French philosopher and novelist jean-paul sartre, published by gallimard in 1948 which describes the subject. Authors, Simon and Delyse Ryan attempted to answer the question "what is literature?" came up with this observation:

"The quest to discover a definition for "literature" is a road that is much travelled, though the point of arrival, if ever reached, is seldom satisfactory. Most attempted definitions are broad and vague, and they inevitably change over time. In fact, the only thing that is certain about defining literature is that the definition will change. Concepts of what is literature change over time as well."

Literature Assignment Help

Literature and its value are such that at one point of time during a different era or period a work of art may be considered ordinary and unworthy of comment but may be considered of the highest rank in another period of time or the era.

Importance of Literature

Literature an important part of a person's life for reasons, including to provide pleasure to reader, to develop emotions like empathy for the author or any creature for that matter and to aid the development of thinking skills and aptitude. While business and technical education is favoured more in comparison to literature, it surprisingly offers many positive benefits which are often more than what is thought to be.

Literature perpetuates the ideals of people such as --love, freedom, reverence, duty, faith, friendship, --are an integral part of human life most worthy of preservation.

Assignmenting the history, anthropology, or religious studies of a culture provides a mode of learning about that culture and their beliefs other than one's own. It gives an understanding and experience of different ways of living of other people. We get a personal view and insight into the minds and perspectives of someone else.

Major Forms of Literature

Literature is widely documented in the forms of poetry, prose, drama, non-fiction, media.


Poetry, a form of literary art, gets its appeal from the artistic and rhythmic character of language to induce feelings. Poetry is set apart from a prose because it is formed in verses and prose is developed in sentences or paragraphs. Poetry contains many meanings depending upon the perspective of the reader and his or her intellectual ability. During the 1600's poetry was defined as "any kind of subject consisting of rhythm or verses". "poetry" before 1800's was considered as inferior than regular category of fictive or rhetorical art. Poetry constitutes the earliest example of literature.

Prose is another part of language that possesses ordinary structure and natural speech instead of any rhythmic structure. It is measured in sentences and not lines which makes it different from poetry. Richard graff has studied the development of prose and he observes that "recent scholarship has emphasized the fact that formal prose was a comparatively late development, an "invention" properly associated with the classical period".

Prose is basically classified into three parts:

  • Novel- a novel is a long narrative, normally in prose, which deals with the story of fictional characters and events in their fictional life, usually in the form of a sequential story
  • Novella- a novella is a work of written, fictional, narrative prose normally longer than a short story but shorter than a novel.
  • Short stories - a short story is a brief work of fiction, usually written in prose and running 1,600 to 20,000 words in length. The literary roots of the short story can be found in oral storytelling traditions, such as anecdotes, fables, fairy tales, and parables.


Drama is a work or literature which is mainly written for performance. Combined with music and danceit is then performed in operas and musical theatre. A play is a sub of this form, which is referred to the written dramatic work of a playwright comprising chiefly of dialogues and conversations between characters, it is aimed at dramatic or theatrical performance. another form of drama namely A closet drama, refers to a play written with the intend to be read rather than to be performed. Nearly all drama was written in the forms of verses until recent times.

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