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What is Electromagnetism?

Electromagnetism is the branch of science that studies electromagnetic force that instigates due to the movement of electrically charged particles. This electromagnetic force is one of the primary forces representing electromagnetic fields like the electric field, light, and magnetic field.

In electromagnetism, the electromagnetic force is the physical collaboration of various electrically charged particles employing all the electrical and magnetic details. It can be attractive or repulsive.

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James Clerk Maxwell, the Scottish Physicist, formulated mathematical equations incorporating light and wave phenomena into electromagnetism. It reveals the fluctuations of electric and magnetic fields that spread through a vacuum at a constant speed. The waves in Maxwell's Equation are known as electromagnetic radiation that instigates at different wavelengths for generating a spectrum of lights.

Maxwell/s Equations are primarily a set of partial differential equations that includes Lorentz Force Law, the concepts of classical optics, electromagnetism, and electric circuits.

The equation is used for equivalent alternative formulations. The first equation in Maxwell's Equations is Gauss's Law for electricity that states the relationship between electric charge and electric fields while producing charge.

The second equation is Gauss's Law of Magnetism, which defines magnetic field lines as not starting or ending and generates constant loops. The third equation states Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction, which defines that the changing electric flux generates a magnetic field. Finally, the fourth law states Ampere’s Law’s general form and reveals that the magnetic fields are generated through an electric current and varying electric field.

FAQs on Linear Electromagnetics

What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation features electric and magnetic fields that move through the waves generated from natural and artificial sources. It can vary in strength in terms of low to high energy, and the common examples of electromagnetic radiation include radio waves, infrared lights, microwaves, X-ray, and Gamma rays.

What are the properties of electromagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic waves use oscillating waves at the right angles to each other for effective propagation. Such waves also feature the properties of diffraction and interference. Electromagnetic waves travel at a speed of 3 × 108 m/s in a vacuum, and they are mostly transverse.

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