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The most common issue with the students who want to learn about the human anatomy, the basics of the creatures, the study of organisms and microorganisms are often confused about the one thing that is, whether they should go with a course related to biology or a course in life sciences. For them, we have one thing to say and that is, biology is a very vast and big stream of science which has many parts and fragments like the biology of molecules, also known as molecular biology and life sciences are one of the very small fragments of biology. Life science is the study of the basic organisms that are present on earth and the fact that they have a life, life sciences are constantly making advancements to make it better. The major moto behind this subject is to make sure that the living standard or as said in common words, the quality of life, that an organism is living should be high. In most of the countries, the life sciences courses go by the name of biological sciences and there are courses available for all types of degrees, be it bachelors, masters or a doctorate degree in life sciences. Since it is that corner of science that is making development by the hour because anywhere around the world, all twenty-four hours a day there is some or the other kind of research going on in this field to make sure that the humans and other organisms are able to live a better life. It is always advised to the students to make sure that they choose a college where there are constant developments taking place and the institute is focusing on more of practical needs of the subject rather than taking just written and theory exams, in order to meet the demands of this highly demanding subject. The various things that come under life sciences are food quality and the type one can improve on in order to have a higher living standard, pharmaceutical advancements also come under the category of life sciences because they are the ones to deal with all the development in the medical sector. They are the first one’s people rely on when they need a vaccine for an already existing disease or there is some new kind of disease that is spreading in the world.

To all the students who are aspiring to be a successful professional in the life sciences department, let us make one thing very clear about the same and that is, it is not going to be a simple road. There will be ups and downs but finally, those who don’t give up get to enjoy the life ahead. Chemistry being the highest paying department in Life Sciences, the average salary ranges between $90,000- $100,000 per annum.

Hearing about the median pay of a person who graduated from the life sciences course, you must be pretty much interested to know some of the best colleges Where a child could get me admission in the course for life sciences. To sort things out for you, down below is the list of some of the top colleges in the world that provide a course in life sciences. The colleges are irrespective of the course they provide be it, a bachelors course, Masters course or a graduate Doctorate degree in the same. Please note that for different colleges, there could be different criteria for granting them. For some people, the tuition fee might be a constraint which makes a factor in deciding the rank of the college, for some the size of the campus would be a factor. Hence one should always check the lists that are available online and make sure on what factors are they determine that one college has the power to stand ahead of the other in the same field. in this list, we aretalking about the general attributes of each college and not taking any characteristic of any college in consideration. the list goes as follows:

  1. Harvard University, Cambridge
  2. Oxford University, United Kingdom
  3. John Hopkins University, United States of America
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania
  5. University of California, San Francisco

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Talking about the admission criteria for the same in different colleges in a concise form is that for the bachelor's degree, the student must have attended formal school education and for the master’s degree, the student should have a valid bachelor’s degree in the same field or a field somewhat related to that of life sciences. Students are advised to do some research papers while they are still in their bachelor’s or master’s degree because this helps getting admission for the doctorate much easier as compared to an applicant with no research papers published under some technical society.

As a prospective student, it is critical for a student to understand the importance of having the knowledge of the subjects that are going to be taught in the course the child has chosen. Since the field of life sciences is a very vast one and has a lot of subjects that the student might think are in the course due to similarity to each other, it is always better to make things crystal clear in the very beginning so that the child does not suffer academically. To make things better, we have sorted out a list of subjects that are critically important and might help the student to know something about the subject in brief before actually registering for the course. The list is not from any specific college but is a mixture of subjects from some of the top-notch colleges across the globe which ensures the student that even if the given subject is not in their given curriculum list, the subject must be equally important as the others that are in their course, because there must be a reason why the same has been included in the same course of life sciences by some other top college of the world. The list is as follows:

  1. Food and agriculture: we all are aware that food is something that every organism requires to sustain a life on this planet and agriculture is the one way to produce it. In the subjects of food and agriculture, students are taught the various means of the same, the ways in which more can be produced with the lesser amount of area. This subject is also present in the master’s degree as well where the students get to change the types of agriculture they want to study about. In the theory parts of this subject, the students are taught about the food and agriculture organization that handles and deals in the matters related to the same.
  2. Anatomy: it is the subject that deals with the way the human body is structured. Students confuse between this subject and do not give much attention to the same thinking that this is not an important thing for them to learn about since this is also included in the biology department but as we know that life sciences are a very tiny branch of biology and the students must give importance to subjects like this as well. This subject could be helpful to the students who, after graduation might want to enter the pharmaceutical department which might have a lot of work related to the human anatomy.
  3. Forestry: this is a department of science related to the forests and concerns like forest management, forest conservations and forest repairing come under the department of forestry. This subject, when considered as a theory subject, is pretty small but when the practicals of the same are given a look, this subject could be dangerously difficult.
  4. Other important subjects in the life sciences department are as physiologist, palaeontologist, parasitologist and many more.

We hope that this clears most of the doubts in your head regarding the subject of Life sciences and we wish you all the very best of luck for the future ahead in this wonderful and thrilling stream.