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Well, at some point in our lives, we all need someone to vouch for us and pen down some kind positive words for us, don’t we? That is the power of recommendation, everyone is after it. A letter of recommendation for student scholarship is one of the key factors that can strengthen your application and help you stand out from the rest. It carries a considerable weightage, almost as much as your mark sheets and statement of purpose. It is also a decisive factor when the applications engage in a shoulder-to-shoulder match, a letter of recommendation can surely decide your fate when it comes to that. Thus, it is imperative for you to get your letter of recommendation for the USA or other countries, to be written by professionals that provide letters of recommendation writing services.

How Professionally Written LOR can Decide Your Fate?

This is how admission in a grad school works; the admission committee not only looks for your grades, mark sheets and tests but they also rigorously look for the information to gauge your personality and potential. That is why being as candid as you can in your personal statement or admission essay is better than being pretentious and boastful throughout. Because the admission committee would most likely see through your pretentious essay and dump it into the shredder before you could even get a chance to brag all about your “Top-Notch Grades” and whatnot. Because they can not meet each and every applicant in person, your SOP(statement of purpose) and your Letter Of Recommendation puts up a fight against other applicants. Consider your SOP and your LOR like your lawyer fighting your case for you. Tell me if you were to go on a war, wouldn’t it be better to load up the artillery? Well, a Professionally written letter of recommendation(LOR) acts as the air support to your SOP, i.e., it can decide the fate of your application. Your LOR and SOP would play a huge role in presenting you as a fit candidate for admission and proving your intellectual capabilities.

Here Are Some Tips to Help You With Your Journey

Almost all of the graduate schools would solicit you to send over two or three LORs to validate your character and fitness for the program. Some universities even provide their own format for a LOR, because it is important to them.

From whom should you get a LOR though?

Now that it has been established that LOR would help your reach far in your college applications, the question arises, who should be the one writing it for you. Obviously it can be your parents or someone you know, until and unless they are an accomplished figure in academia. A person who is academically accomplished like a professor or a senior teacher who might know you and also have a clear idea about your skills, potential should be the one writing your LOR for you. Contact the ones with whom you have a good rapport. It could be your boss from the internship or the manager from the place you worked at, but that person should be willing to highlight your qualities of diligence, perseverance etc.

Your recommender should at least have known you for a year or two. Even six months would do, but anything shorter than that and it won’t make a credible or trustworthy LOR. The best recommenders are the professors under whom you got a chance to take a course and you performed brightly or exhibited impressive qualities in the lecture room or laboratory. The person who could validate your acumen for academia as well as validate your character. Your thesis supervisor, project guide or even a laboratory guide might be a good option if you have a good rapport with them. Specifically, if you are looking for a Letter of recommendation for the USA, you should make sure that you get it done from the person who can pen down some really good words for you, because universities in the USA give a lot of weightage to the LORs.

In sum, you should only ask someone to write LOR for you if s/he :

  1. Can write a positive letter and wholeheartedly recommend the student
  2. Can write a detailed discussion of the personal qualities, accomplishments, and experiences that make the student perfect for the scholarship
  3. Have adequate time to write the letter

How To Make Request for LORs: Make a To-do List First

Well, make sure to communicate properly. In order to get a nice LOR from your referee, the way you approach them would matter a lot. Here are some guidelines for making a request for your referee.

  • Tell them clearly about your goals, future vision and why admission in your projected university is important to you.
  • Send them a copy of your CV, Transcripts to help them remember you and better understand your overall performance, capabilities and interests
  • Send them the title or abstract for your research
  • Provide with the list of universities or colleges that you want to go to.
  • Mentioned if you received any awards, honours or recognition for your work. Patents should definitely be included.
  • A copy of your admission essay.

How Our Letter Of Recommendation Writing Help Can Help You Get Stellar Recommendations

Well, no matter how accomplished or recognised your referee may be, if they can not pen down some impactful words for you, it won’t help you much. The thing is, they might be in a position to provide you with a letter that would add weight to your application, but they might not be good with words? Because if they aren’t good with words, chances are that your letter of recommendation would sound like any other generic letter of recommendation. Think of it, there are gonna be thousands of applications, and every LOR would probably sound the same, how would your LOR stand out in front of the admission committee.

Let’s suppose, hypothetically, if they write:

‘Justin was a great student. He accomplished things and completed his homework on time. He also participated there, he also did that. Blah Blah Blah………..’

Doesn’t that sound mundane? Why would be anyone interested in reading such a kind of cliched LOR, to begin with?

Now let’s say if we write it for you, we’d start with a stellar opening, for example. This what you would get with our letter of recommendation writing services:

‘Though Justin had a bunch of great qualities to remember him for, I particularly remember Justin for presenting a financial model during one of my lectures. He not only presented an ingenious idea to the class but also compelled us to think out of the box and stimulated constructive arguments in the class. That is what I like to see in students, and Justin had that ex-factor

Ditch The Cliche

Like a resume, it is imperative to avoid those cliched phrases and words that everybody is tired of listening about. These are the words like “Hardworking”, “Creative”, and more. These words do not make you stand out, but rather, they make you get lost with others, in the crowd of dumped and rejected applications.

Our experts that provide a letter of recommendation writing services say that if someone has to mention that a person was hardworking, then one should not just simply mention, but rather, they should explain and paint a picture to the admission committee of how the applicant was hardworking. Stories are easy to read, impactful and easy to digest. Whereas coldly written words on a paper are not.

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