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What Is A Legal System?

A legal system is integral to any country which features a definite body of codified or uncodified laws. For a better understanding, we can say the codified laws are the laws that are available in written format, and the uncodified laws are primarily English laws.

The Australian Legal System

When we focus on the Australian legal system, we can say it is a parliamentary democracy. According to the Australian Constitution of 1901, the country is recognized as a federal system, and the powers are distributed evenly between the government and its six states. The Constitution of Australia outlines the limits of government and states law-making power.

As per the constitution, there are six states in the country, such as New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria, and Tasmania. On the other hand, the self-governing regions include the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, and Norfolk Island.

Due to the Australian Government's federal nature, the six states and territories houses a good control over the applicable laws defined for every judication. Each one of them features a bicameral parliament that includes the lower house and senate, and this is where the laws come to the table for debating and approval with a number of positive votes.

The legal system in Australia; also, the common law system is innate to Britain (England) from the times of colonization. The major sources of Australian law are the cases and legislation. The cases include the judges decisions in the courts, whereas the legislations are the legal rules approved by the parliament.

The Australian legal system is made of courts & tribunals, laws, numerous procedures, and legal authorities & personals. It also includes the magistrates, judges, legal representatives, and police forces.

Australia's legal system is based upon two principles, where the first principle defines that under the law, every citizen residing in Australia is equal. In contrast, the second principle suggests that the courts and judges must be independent & unbiased.

FAQ'S on Legal System

What Do You Understand By A Legal System?

A legal system is a set of procedures used for interpreting and enforcing the law to a country's citizens. It varies from country to country and even state to state. There are hundreds of legal systems worldwide; however, international law still plays a great significance. The legal system is instrumental in offering a quiet and trouble-free environment to the citizens.

What are the Common Legal Systems in the World at Current Times?

The legal systems are essential for enhancing the sovereignty of a specific country and its citizens. There are five legal systems across the globe, such as common law, customary law, civil law, mixed legal systems, and religious law.

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