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Law is a challenging study field, but it is worth attending on the consideration of its benefits and career opportunities that ranges from being a lawyer to a TV presenter. Studying law courses in UK is about gaining understanding and knowledge of major legal concepts and principles which are also important in writing assignments. Furthermore, to earn a bachelor or masters degree in the field of law, each student is required to submit an accurate and well-written dissertation paper. If you are a student of law in UK universities, you too have to write dissertations and writing a dissertation can be sometimes difficult but don't worry because Assignment Hippo is offering law dissertation help to students studying in UK institutions.

With our law experts, students get proper guidance to frame high-quality dissertation papers even on the most complicated topics related to different areas as Criminal law, Employment law, Family law, International law, Medical law, Immigration law, Commercial law, EU law, Tax law or Company law. We are associated with law academic writers who have prepared a lot of assignments in recent years. Thus, they have adequate knowledge and are well-versed with the format and references to be used in law dissertations.

Types of References You Can Use For Writing Your Law Dissertations

If you are studying in the UK, you must be proficient with the OSCOLA references as it is mostly used by the universities of UK. If you don't have knowledge of this reference, you can refer to the details given under:


OSCOLA is also known as The Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities. It was formed with an aim to provide a correct citation of legislation, authorities and other legal materials. This reference style is mostly used by book publishers, law schools, or journals.

OSCOLA invites you to follow two "golden rules" when citing legal authorities. The first is consistency and the second is a consideration for the reader. Writing assignments for law topics is more persuasive especially when you use the legal materials because there are various legal terms that cannot be changed or paraphrased. Thus, it becomes important for a student to make their content and information authentic by using this style of reference.

As we have discussed above that OSCOLA is a reference style used mostly in UK law schools. It is very much different from APA, MLA and other references used in Australia and the USA. OSCOLA does not have in-text citations or endnotes. Instead of this, they use footnotes as a citation. In case, if you are writing a book or theses, you must include citations in the form tables of legislation and cases as well as a bibliography.

OSCOLA Referencing Example

Ideal Format for Scoring Good Grades in Law Dissertations

Just like other assignments, law dissertation also is drafted as per the given format:

Title page: Your title should be original. It should be clear and targeted to your audience.

Abstract: Now, the second stage is to write the abstract. It is generally written in around 300 words. It is concise but includes each detail.

Introduction: The total weight of introduction is 10% of the total word count. Usually, this section is written once you are done with all the parts of writing your dissertation.

Methodology: This section showcase the methods you have used to find information and data. The methods to collect data can be of the following types; experimental, descriptive, quasi-experimental and correlation. Our law dissertation experts can help you to enhance such skills.

Literature review & evidence section: The next step is to write a literature review along with the conclusion. A literature review can be done with the information you have collected.

Conclusion: Now, in the end, you are required to conclude your dissertation paper. You need to analyse the outcome of your research and show it precisely.

Suitable Law Dissertation Topics

There are various branches and fields of law which are covered by UK law schools. For example - trust law, family law, employment law, IP law, public law and many more. Our law dissertation expert says that many students are able to write a dissertation but they lack in selecting appropriate topics for their assignment. Such students can check the lists of law dissertation topics given below.

Trust Law Dissertation Topics

  • Discuss the ways in which Harrison v Gibson decision has changed the law on the certainty of intention
  • Critically examine in which way the law distinguishes between and enforced fully secret and half secret trusts

Intellectual Property Law Dissertation Trending Topics

  • Business Law and Trade Secrets conflict
  • What are the challenging problems between intellectual property and contemporary art

Commercial Law Topics for Dissertation

  • Role of anti-corruption legislation in the UK
  • What is the core purpose of the doctrine of capital maintenance

Tort Law Topics

  • Significant barriers to law related to a psychological shock
  • Discuss whether English law is protecting a free press in the case of potential defamation effectively

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