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Language is exclusive to humans, although the other species in the ecology interact through sound and movement. There are hundreds of poets who appeal to you with their writing, thousands of social media freaks who owe you 140 characters. So how do they do something like this? From where they acquire such skills. An extensive study of language acquisition helps you comprehend all the necessary flairs. Students studying language acquisition explore different theories and characteristics of language, which they feel utterly difficult. Moreover, when it is about writing exceptional assignments, they need to acquire appropriate techniques. Therefore, most students in Australia look for the most reliable language acquisition assignment help.

Studying language acquisition is all about exploring the key concepts like syntax, semantics, phonology, and more which becomes overwhelming for the students many a time. However, when you avail of our online language acquisition assignment help.

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What is Language Acquisition

Language acquisition is the process of getting hold of a specific language, and it is of two types such as first language acquisition and second language acquisition. The way of learning the native language by the children is known as first language acquisition and learning another language besides the native language is the second language acquisition.

Acquiring a native language follows a set of definite stages such as babbling, to one word, two words, and then telegraphic speech. Babbling is the primary form of language acquisition where infants create different sounds. Gradually they produce one-word sentences, also known as holophrastic speech, and then two-word sentences. In this type of learning, there is no sign of any tense or syntax. Finally, they acquire telegraphic speech, which lacks functional words and is similar to telegrams.

Language acquisition is an effective process of making yourself capable of understanding a specific language and initiating meaningful communication. It is also a transitional process from being wordless to loquacious. You can get a better insight on this by availing our language acquisition assignment help.

The types of language acquisition are completely different; when you learn your native language, you need not focus more on vocabulary words or grammatical aspects. Moreover, acquiring your native language can happen while you are unconscious or even while being engaged with your parents. However, the acquisition of a second language requires a definite approach and mindset. You learn the same during your school, university, or even through virtual classrooms. Our online language acquisition assignment helps clarify your worries effectively and also help you secure better grades.

Most of the time, students learn the second language to meet their job responsibilities or for handling their customers effectively in the long run. On the other hand, some of them also acquire a second language only to explore a different world.

Six Stages of Language Acquisition


It is also known as the silent period in which the learners explore a new language but don’t speak the same.


After the initial stage, the students start speaking short words and sentences while focusing on listening to the new language.

Speech Emergent

By this stage, the individuals become familiar with the language and start speaking words and long sentences. In this stage, the importance of vocabulary rises with a decrease in errors.

Beginning Fluency

In this stage, the speech becomes better and fluent with minimal errors. However, the students go through difficulties due to the new contexts.

Intermediate Fluency

In this stage, communicating using the language becomes fluent, and the individuals become capable of speaking a new language with better fluency. However, there will be a gap in vocabulary and unfamiliar expressions.

Advanced Fluency

At this stage, the individuals communicate with others fluently and think of new contexts with the older ones. The individuals still lack good accents and idiomatic expressions but become more fluent and comfortable with the new language.

FAQs on Language Acquisition

What are the theories of language acquisition?

The theories of language acquisition comprise the Nativist Theory, The Sociocultural Theory, and the Learning Theory. Nativist theory is a scientifically correct language acquisition theory that proposes that humans are born with specific genes to learn languages by themselves. It also suggests that there is a language acquisition device in the brain which is responsible for learning a language. Sociocultural theory proposes that children learn languages out of their desire to interact with the environment and society. The learning theory suggests that acquiring a language is just like learning new skills.

What is the importance of language acquisition?

Language is one of the primary hindrances to instigate communication between cultures. In such a scenario acquiring a specific language bridges the gap between different cultures. Language acquisition also brings in people across the globe to a common platform and helps them comprehend cross-cultural beliefs.

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