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The course of international law in Australian universities augments your ability to compare as well as contrast the foundations of Australian legal system with that of the systems followed internationally. Even the international law assignments help in understanding the application as well as interpretation of Geneva Conventions, Vienna Conventions etc. and other international arbitration submissions.

While approaching the assignments of this course, one has to be fully aware of the international bodies (WTO, World Bank, IMF etc.) that govern and regulate different spheres of international law. Therefore, it becomes essential for students to devote much of their time to these issues, which is usually not possible. This is where our expert help on international law assignment features.

Types of Assignment

Usually, assignments are specifically devised to focus on one or more particular issues. So, it is not easy to generalise them into categories. However, our experts who provide international law assignment help in Australia, manage to divide them into some broad types depending on assignment questions. Let us have a look at some of them.

Assignments on explaining an international issue

Such assignments, usually, have one or more question, regarding one issue which has an international presence and impacts everyone around the globe.

In the above-mentioned example image, issue of international crime must be elucidated in a coherent manner using your critical, technical, and theoretical knowledge on the topic. Here, you have to undertake an in-depth analysis of its social and global context by comparing it with transnational crimes along with using references from your module and a Guardian article.

Such kind of insight is only achieved after years of dedicated study, which is not possible for students in their tight-scheduled university timings. So, they gladly come to us for online international law assignment help.

Assignments on critically analysing international activity (usually illegal)

These assignments can range from smuggling to environmental degradation, which can adversely impact our daily lives. Here, the use of examples (latest ones) also becomes a determining factor for your university grades. Let us have a look at an example.

In this assignment, the illegal activities of a multinational corporation are to be highlighted. The use of examples such as Alberta Keystone XL pipeline or Carmichael coalmine can be used if the focus is on fossil fuels and its devastating effect on the environment. Relevant protocols and summits like Rio Summit, UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol can also be incorporated.

Further, while writing an assignment on these issues, the scope of autonomy of states in international law. So, including all these issues can be very confusing for a student, thereby, compelling them to go for international law assignment writing service in Australia. We at Assignment Help also take care of the requirements, for example, we use 25-26 references in a 3000-word assignment.

Assignments on explaining one specific transnational crime

While writing such assignments, one has to be very particular in identifying a crime. Before choosing, you must be very sure of all the minute details (evolution and contemporary) pertaining to that issue. An example image of the assignment question will help us to understand it better.

This assignment has some examples to choose from. Following this, the main issue around the activity and its regulatory framework and effective solutions to successfully tackle it must also be highlighted. You can also use United Nations resolution on it and International Court of Justice decisions to refine your answers.

So, obtaining such deep insight in these topics cannot be done overnight. Our experts, who have worked as ex-professors in reputed universities, understand it very well. So, feel free to contact us for all kinds of law assignment help by experts. You can also consult our experts if you are stuck in any part of your study or assignment writing.

Assignments explaining cause and effect of a situation

In these assignments, the issue must be analysed and demonstrated in your own words, with some personal inputs as well. While making these inputs one must be value-neutral and free from prejudice.

In the example image, given above, the question primarily requires you to present a critical reflection regarding the law. However, it must also be backed by relevant sources and authentic studies and not just based on your fancies.

Dealing with these assignments often requires you to critically analyse and evaluate information regarding a topic, which can be very tedious for young budding minds. So, they go for our expert help on international law assignment.

Format of Assignment

An academic document must be written in a definite format, without which you stand a chance of getting your assignments rejected. So, having knowledge of format or structure of your assignment becomes that important. Let us have a look at some of the law assignment formats.

While attempting assignments on international law, students must be very specific with their assignment requirement. Intermixing it can eliminate your chances of even securing passing marks in the course. Therefore, it is very important to have a good knowledge of each of them.

In IRAC format, which is universally accepted, even the sub-issues are structured in similar format. So, it can be said that this format makes it simple for professors to assess it.

In a legal memo, one has to take care of the audience, whether it is for internal colleagues or external clients or even highlighting some changes in legal policy.

In a letter of advice, the simple structure of a letter is followed but it has to be incorporated with relevant legal issues in a very concise and unambiguous manner.

Understanding all these formats can be quite difficult for university students because of lack of any practice, especially when it touches upon complex issues like international commercial arbitration or international sale of goods. However, our law specialists, who provide Online International Law Assignment Help, are well-acquainted with each of them.

3 Mistakes to Avoid while Writing International Law Assignment

The above-mentioned mistakes cannot be easily avoided because it requires the practice of writing precise and direct answers. University students may be short of such practice, but, our international law assignment help providers have nearly a decade of experience in academia. Therefore, they manage to produce unblemished assignments every time they are assigned with one.

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