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For students enrolled in various marketing graduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses around the world, integrated marketing management is a pivotal process to study. It is an end-to-end process in marketing that encapsulates all the steps involved in the “closed-loop marketing procedure”. Right from preparing strategic marketing strategies to implementing them and thereafter, measuring the experience of the customer, integrated marketing management (IMM)is one of the most sought after courses worldwide. The IMM process is driven by aspiring marketeers for different firms for generating profit.

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4 Integral Components Of The Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) Process

To write a comprehensive integrated marketing management report, the basic requirement is to understand the SASC view of the procedure. This approach mainly focuses on the four components, which are:

  1. Strategy and planning: There are several tools to consider under the category of strategy and planning for carrying out different processes within the organisation like managing the work-flow, allocating resources, designing a robust marketing mix and delivering customised messages for unique platforms.
  2. Information and analytics: There comes a time when a marketer needs to derive insight from a wide variety of data available in the database of the organisation. Based on them, they work upon more complex analytical techniques.
  3. Orchestration and interaction: These tools help the marketeers to effectively manage the clients, working under different channels and attain the best output
  4. Customer experience: These tools help marketers effectively monitor the needs of the customers and take appropriate measures to their value. As a result, every customer gets the best experience possible.

These are the 4 components of the integrated marketing management process. IMM is a broad term that resonates with the classic technology marketers as they are the ones who find all these components important, from multiple perspectives. In this context, students have often turned to us with their queries on integrated marketing communication (IMC), which is an integral concept associated with the process of IMM.

What Is Integrated Marketing Communication?

Integrated marketing management (IMM) and integrated marketing communication (IMC) go hand in hand always. To write a flawless report on IMM, having an abundant knowledge on the concept of IMC and the tools that fall under it.

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Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is an imperative concept for marketing students. It is a process wherein, different companies meticulously integrate and coordinate a variety of communication mediums to convey any useful information to the clients. The primary aim of IMC is to make sure that the message being conveyed is consistent with the productive usage of the media resources available.

Following are the 5 important features of integrated marketing communications.

  1. It starts with the customer and then considers the brand. This allows ensuring that the appropriate message has reached him, at the right place.
  2. Using any form of contact that is relevant for the clients or customers
  3. There must be a uniformity in the communication channels and message that the brand wants to convey to the customers
  4. There must be an establishment of a transparent relationship between the brand and the clients.
  5. IMC must encourage behavioural response from clients

5 Major Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Tools Used By Our Experts

Integrated marketing communications (IMC) uses different tools to ensure that there is an effective exchange of important information between a specific brand and its target audience. Over the years, our integrated marketing communications assignment help experts have guided students on several tools that can be used to smoothen the communication process. Among the vast pool tools used, the following are the 5 tools that are used by our experts.

These are:

1. Advertising

This is one of the most potent tools that prove to be useful for marketers. It is a form of paid promotions of products or services. Different forms of media that are used to advertise include print media, broadcast media, network, electronic and display media. There are several pros of advertising as a tool for integrated marketing communication techniques.

2. Personal selling

In the buying process, face-to-face interaction takes a toll. When one or more buyers interact, it gets easier to answer the questions and understand the requirements of customers. Also, the message conveyed can easily be customised according to the requirements of the customers. Therefore, personal selling is one of the most effective tools for IMC.

3. Sales promotion

Many times, there are small incentives for a customer that the brand launches to encourage customers to buy their products or services. Some of the examples include free samples, discounts, coupons, volume discounts that might look like this.

4. Public relations

As per our integrated marketing assignment help experts, there are numerous programs that sim for bringing improvement in the existing relationship between an organisation and the target public. Unlike advertising, public relation is a two-way process, wherein, the message of the customers can easily be monitored. Working upon it, maximum benefits can be achieved.

5. Events and experiences

Several companies that target a specific audience host several activities and programs and sponsor them to interact better with the customers. This is a conscious effort that enhances the visibility of the firm and also engages the customers with the brand.

Other than these most important ones, our integrated marketing communications assignment help experts have also helped students with the remaining tools of IMC. These include direct marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing and more. In addition to providing excellent guidance over all the quintessential topics of marketing, our marketing management assignment help experts have also provided high-quality assignment samples to make these concepts clearer. Do you want to have a look?

An MKT6621 Integrated Marketing Assignment Sample Drafted By Us

Here is the MKT6221 assignment question that we received from a student. The objective here is to write an integrated marketing plan report for an organisation.

For this task, our integrated marketing management assignment help experts analyse the strategy of the company and based on it, write the reference report for students. In this context, a marketing plan is the most essential step. We also undertake the SWOT analysis to understand the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for the firm.

However, writing this report is not as easy as it looks to be. There are several complexities involved in an integrated marketing report writing assignment. Over the years, our integrated marketing communications assignment help experts have dealt with all of them effectively, providing solid academic aid to students.

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