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Professional identity can be defined as a set of distinctive attitudes, values, notions, skills, and ideas that are common within a professional group. The discipline in its initial phase was concerned solely with the realm of health care. It was focused on imparting and fostering valuable skills and attitudes in healthcare professionals to create a group of professionals with distinguished skills, abilities and competence.

As a discipline, it has recently come to the forefront owing to several cases of medical abuse and differential treatments by medical professionals. Developing a strong professional identity in the medical profession is suddenly being taken very seriously. The idea is to create and identify traits of emotional intelligence and compassion that are required in the medical profession and to promote those personality traits within the students.

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Developing your Professional Identity

Here are some of the most commonly deduced ways of developing one’s professional identity:

1. An ardent assessment of skills: developing a strong professional identity starts with making a conscious and fair assessment of one’s skillset.

2. Organize different skills in a single package: Identify and nurture those skills that you feel are central to your profession.

3. Strive to give your best: Make hard work a way of life. Avoid shortcuts and try to imbibe values of diligence and sincerity in your life.

4. Avoid toxic and narcissistic mentality at the workplace: you will come across people who will try to demoralize you. There will also be the second type of people who shall never take responsibility for their actions. They are most likely to pin their failures on others. You must stay away from such people.

5. Be resourceful: try to add unique value to the work of the team. Offer solutions proactively and try to examine the central point of any discussion with a unique focal point.

6. Actively engage in activities that improve your communication skills. Interact with your team to know about their inputs on a certain task. Make sure that there is no communication gap between any level of the team.

7. Be organized and start maintaining a task list: developing this habit can go a long way in helping you plan and organize your work.

8. Behave and conduct yourself in a way that demonstrates your pride in your team.

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