Images in HTML | HTML Assignment Help

The web page can be decorated with an image; such an image can be employed in a web page using an < img> tag

Its Syntax is

< img src= “ URL “ attributes />

This img tag has no ending tag, it has only attributes list


PNG, Gif and JPEG images can be employed

Denote file name correctly in the attribute src

Name of an image is case sensitive

The attribute alt specifies an alternative text in case of not displaying an image which is mandatory

Location of an Image

The image location or a path should be specified exactly to retrieve an image

Specifying Width and Height of an Image

The image height and width can be specified through width and height attributes of an image either in a percentage or pixels

Specifying an Image Border

The image border thickness can also be specified in terms of pixels. The border thickness 0 represents no border for an image

Specifying Image Alignment

Alignment for an image can be specified by using an attribute align. Default one is left


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