Fonts in HTML

In HTML font style, size and color to the text can be specified in a web site. The <font > tag is employed for this purpose. To set the text in same size, face and color <basefont> tag is used. The <font> tag has 3 attributes namely size, color and face. It should be closed using <font> tag

<font> tag

Font Size Setting

Using size attribute of <font> tag, size of the font can be specified from 1 to 7.The default one is 3

Font Size Relative

The font size can be set to maximum or minimum from the present size by using

<font size= “+n or –n”>

Font Face Setting

The font style can be set using an attribute face

Alternative Font Faces

Font face alternatives can be specified by denoting font face names separated by comma

<font face= “Times new Roman , arial”>

Font Color Setting

By employing color attribute, font color can be set. It can be represented using color name or hex value or rgb property

<basefont> tag

It is employed to set default size, color and face to the document which are not inside <font> tag. <basefont> tag canbe overridden by <font> tag


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