Embed Multimedia in HTML

It is possible to include music and video in a web page. It is achievable through <embed> tag. It allows browser to include multimedia automatically


<embed> tag is employed to display a movie and <noembed> tag is employed to display a JPEG image in case of <embed> is not supported in browser

The attributes of <embed> tag

align, autostart, loop, playcount, hidden, width , height, name , src an dvolume

Video Types

The supported video types are .swf , .wmv, .mov and .mpeg files .All these files can be embedded inside <embed> tag

Background Audio

<bgsound> tag is used in HTML to play soundtrack in the webpage background

It is supported in IE and most of the browsers ignore it. Whenever a browser is refreshed, the sound file will be played automatically.

It has two attributes. They are loop and src


embed multimedia in html img1


embed multimedia in html img2