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Have you ever wondered what might be there under our feet? Or what results in an earthquake? Or what makes the tectonic plates move? Well, geophysicists have all the answers. Geophysics is a branch of science dedicated to the study of our planet, based on the physical properties of different substances. While geophysics is an integral part of our lives today, studying it is not everyone's cup of tea and often becomes troublesome for many. However, Assignment Hippo, with its online geophysics assignment help, has been taking the geophysics assignments’ load off the shoulders of thousands of scholars just like you for the past decade.

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What is Geophysics?

Having a basic understanding of the subject and the topic concerned in an assignment could sure make the assignments relatively discernible. So, let’s understand what geophysics is all about first. Geophysics, or earth physics, is what helps us investigate what happens right beneath our feet, i.e. in understanding the sub-surface of the earth based on the analysis and interpretation of the data. While geophysics is an application of the physical principles to understand our planet, and applied geophysics is practising geophysics to meet the needs of the society. For instance, the need for resources such as oil and natural gas, for metals such as Copper, Lead, and Zinc, for safe engineering and waste disposal, and better understanding the natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

Furthermore, geophysics encompasses a growing array of sciences and technologies applied to discovering, recovering, and managing the world’s natural resources. The search for energy, especially for oil and gas, employs several of the world’s geophysicists. In addition to oil and gas exploration, geophysics is used in building work, for a way to check the pertinent issues in the bedrock, and archaeology to understand what is buried under the soil.

What does a Geophysicist do?

Geophysicists are a talented and creative community of earth scientists and engineers who bring together the expertise and knowledge from many specialities, including physics, mathematics, computer sciences, electronics, and geology. All geologists are united in one goal, i.e. to help meet the demands of the growing society. The men and women of geophysics work in the renowned universities and research institutes across the globe today, and work in the fields to know the earth better. Geophysicists work with some of the largest computer installations in the world, in the corporations of all sizes, and for some of the world’s most respected organisations.

Besides, geophysicists go to the far corners of the earth in search of the hydrocarbons, using ever more sophisticated and powerful technology. Furthermore, they acquire data in a variety of creative ways such as, along the earth’s surface, in boreholes, in deep water, and from the air. The geophysics data acquisition crews work on land and at sea, in the jungles in Indonesia and Venezuela, in the deserts of the Middle East and North Africa, in the mountains of Bolivia and Canada, and above the Arctic circle. This suggests that nowhere on earth is too remote for a geophysicist’s search.

As acquisition and processing techniques improve, as computing and imaging capacity expands, and as new algorithms enable other more precise data analyses, interpreters and analysts can pinpoint, with increasing accuracy, the location of oil and gas accumulations below the earth’s surface. This search for energy, or petroleum geophysics, focuses not only on discovering new reserves but also on more efficiently extracting reserves from the existing fields. Today, geophysicists, geologists, and petroleum and reservoir engineers work closely together to meet the growing challenges.

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Considering what all a geophysicist can do, one can simply not assume that the journey towards becoming a geophysicist is a cakewalk, and it takes years of hard work and in-depth knowledge of complex sciences including physics and mathematics. However, Assignment Hippo can make the journey relatively convenient for you by proffering you the best geophysics assignment help Australia has witnessed so far. That is why Assignment Hippo pops up instantly in the head of every scholar, whenever in need of online geophysics assignment help.

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