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A case study is a method of research that includes in-depth, up-close, elaborative examination of a subject that could be an individual person, organization, place or an event. The subject of study is called case, whose related contextual conditions are well-learnt through in this activity. Case studies that include large organisations and business firms are little challenging than others, since there is a vast reservoir of data available about them and picking the most relevant becomes a deciding factor how well you can perform a case study. One such case study is Foxconn case study help, that students take assistance in.

Trading as Foxconn Technology Group, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., is a multinational company that manufactures electronics and a major equipment manufacturer supplier to electronics giants like Apple, Sony PlayStation, Blackberry, Microsoft Xbox, and the Nintendo Wii. It has its factories in several countries in Asia, and in countries like Mexico, South America, Europe, China, etc. Therefore, Foxconn case study analysis demands number of methods to analyse and effectively document all the required areas of study.

Specific Assignment on Foxconn

Due the poor labor conditions and wages in Foxconn’s plants overseas, Foxconn was reported and critiqued for employees’ suicide cases in 2009 first, and the terror gave rise again in 2010. In this assessment, students are required to undertake in-depth Foxconn Technology Group case study analysis, to unwrap the issues and concerns that challenged the employees to work in the existing work conditions.

Other case study analysis such as Pestle analysis of Foxconn will help the students to learn and inform the reader about all the aspects of the company, i.e. Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental to understand and trace the path that lead to this big issue of “suicides”.

The case study can be framed under Foxconn case study: A look at ethics in marketplace heading.

Case Study Formats

There are number of formats that can be used for crafting a case study. Each format necessitates and is entitled to its own set of information. For an instance, Foxconn SWOT analysis would deliver the information about the company’s Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. Similarly, various types of case study formats include Ansoff matrix, BCG matrix, Pestle analysis, Competitor analysis, etc.

Gathering relevant data and drafting it in the form of a case study becomes challenging when students have incomplete set of data. Foxconn Technology Group case study help is provided by the experts in order to overcome any problem that the students face and help in making top-grade case studies possible.

Some Important Tips to Make A Perfect Case Study:

To make your case study stand out others, it necessitates several writing tips that must be followed while writing a case study. These directions will serve you as a part of Foxconn case study help, which can be wisely utilised.

Try to mandate your case study with the tips mentioned below:

  • The writer must be able to well-inform the reader about the purpose of the case study.
  • A relevant background next to the introduction/purpose should be clearly discussed.
  • Different issues and problems should be addressed, that have been identified during the case study.
  • Collect and display the facts collected in the case study, to support your problems and issues. For an instance, to address the existing problems of suicide attempts in Foxconn, the writer can collect the evidence of bad working environment, low-wage issues and protests reported at Foxconn, to support the caused problem. Here, only in-depth Foxconn case study helps you to gauge the situation.
  • Providing an informative and concise conclusion along with the recommendations closes the case study well.

These tips, if followed properly, can help the writer to craft a diligent and prominent case study. These are some of the common elements that must be incorporated in case studies, effectively and to-the-point.

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