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The task of academic dissertation writing is a lot more difficult than you think. It adds on the stress which falls from completing your dissertations on time. The activities of thinking, documenting, researching and writing together make it so complex that undertaking the task of academic dissertation structure looks to be a complete nightmare. This is where Assignment Hippo can effectively assist you in.

Approach Followed By Our Academic Dissertation Writers

Keeping the flow of content right should be the main emphasis point if you are writing an academic dissertation. The process that our experts follow is given below:

Gathering Your Research

At the beginning of your dissertation, a thesis statement or a research question is important to further guide you. So, you have to ensure you include this topic in your academic dissertation structure. Conducting your research and reviewing the literature review is a preliminary step to make your dissertation effective. At the time of writing, you can then ultimately refer to your notes and printed materials. You need to gather all your data and ensure that you have everything that you may need before you begin the task of academic dissertation writing.

Developing an Outline

Before you actually begin your writing task, take some time to relax and think about how will you organise your academic dissertation. This way developing an outline can much reduce your work when you are in your writing phase but ensure you are following a proper academic dissertation structure. This is where our experts play an exceptional role in presenting quality and flawless content in your dissertation.

Writing Your Draft

Our dissertation help writers suggest to use formal academic language which is the base of an academic dissertation. Writing contractions, slang and jargons are purely prohibited. You have to ensure that you are writing your content in active voice and you are quite clear about you are going to write. You can efficiently perform your academic dissertation writing task by spelling out your acronyms in the designated section as well as avoiding the use of gendered language such as ‘he’ or ‘she’. If you want any further guidance on how to write adhering to the academic dissertation structure, you are free to contact our experts at Assignment Hippo.

Editing Your Work

If you don’t want to fall in the traps of spelling, grammar and formatting errors, you need to immensely proofread your content or you can ask our academic dissertation writer to help you with this. If any editing needs to be made, you should carefully do all the necessary changes that are to be implemented.

An In-depth Look at the Appropriate Format of an Academic Dissertation

Title page - It happens to be the very first page that contains your dissertations’ title including with your name, department, degree program, university as well as the submission date.

Acknowledgements - The corresponding section takes into account for reflecting upon the people who helped in the task of academic dissertation writing. However, you need to refer to your university guidelines because this is particularly an optional content.

Abstract - An abstract generally conveys a short summary of your dissertation which generally accounts for 150-300 words long. An abstract generally states the main topic as well as aims of your research, description of specific methods, summarising the main points, etc. Our academic dissertation experts can assist you in effectively writing the abstract without giving too much information to your readers.

Table of Contents - Table of contents lists all of the chapters and subheadings along with their page numbers that are enclosed in your academic dissertation. This ensures the provision of easy navigation to your readers.

List of Figures and Tables - If your academic dissertation is filled with a lot of tables and figures, then you need to itemise these lists in terms of number in this section.

List of Abbreviations - As per our academic dissertation writing professionals, you need to write every abbreviation used in your dissertation in this section at the start. This gives your reader an immense advantage in browsing through the sections.

Glossary - Glossary lists all the terms in a single page that many people aren’t familiar with. These are specialised words which are to be listed alphabetically.

Introduction - The next section in your academic dissertation structure is the introduction part. An introduction is a way of telling some background information that contextualises a framework that you are going to write about. Your introduction should be started, clear, crisp to the point and engaging at the same point.

Literature review / Theoretical framework - Literature review is the section where your reader gains a thorough understanding of the work which already exists on the chosen topic. If you want any assistance, you are free to contact our online assignment help through guided sessions experts anytime.

Methodology - The methodology section lays out a description about how you conduct your research by allowing your reader to periodically examine its validity. However, you need to include the following:

  • Approach followed as well as the type of research
  • Y? Methods of collecting your data
  • Details
  • Methods of analyzing data
  • Tools and materials you made use of
  • Obstacles faced in conducting the respective research and how you come out of it
  • Evaluation of the used methods

If you are facing any queries, you are free to contact our online academic dissertation writing help experts.

Results - This section asks you to report the results of your experimentation or research which will assist your readers to look into the question and how you proved your thesis statement effectively.

Discussion - Discussion section is your next phase of academic dissertation structure which explores the implication of results with respect to your research question. You will need to discuss whether these results met your expectation or how they fitted with the framework.

Conclusion - Conclusion section concisely answers your central research question, which happens to give your reader a clearer view of your prime argument.

Reference list - You should include all the details of every information source which needs to be cited in the reference list. Our academic dissertation writing experts advise you to must include references in your content otherwise you would be marked with plagiarism.

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