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Cakes and pastries are deserts that are loved by everyone all around the world. Cakes and pastries have contributed to a part in our lives. They can be baked in homes, cafes, confectionary, a bakery, and at different food joints. They can be built in different shapes and sizes. They all look familiar but they are very different from one other. Cakes and pastries are used for celebration purposes and for the people who crave sweet things. They both have a process to make. It is easy and it only requires practice to become professional. With the advancement in modernity, there have been different sizes and shapes that have arrived which are becoming popular. every other client wishes to be their birthday cake or pastries to be but different. Such customizable orders depend on their favourite colour, passion, characteristics, and many more. The cake is a sweet food that falls under the category of dessert. It is consumed wide across the world. There are several desserts available such as custards, pies, custards but cakes are enormously used. It is an updated version of the bread and then they are decorated with fondant, creams, and sugar syrups. The main ingredient required for making a cake is a butter, baking soda, fruits, creams, decorative items, flour, cocoa or flavoured powder, sugar. These are the key ingredient. It is difficult to master the art of cake making for the very first time but practices in cake making help the individual to convert into a professional. A cake is a versatile dessert that has flavours such s strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch, black forest, Choco chip, black current, and many more. Whereas pastry has a similar version of the cake. Only there is a size difference. The method of pastry making is similar to cake making and the ingredient is butter, flour. Different types of pastry are Filo pastry, rough puff pastry, flaky pastry, shortcrust, and many more.

To be a good baker, one must be very creative in decorating cakes and pastry. Bad-looking pastries often do not get sold. It is one of the very important skills. The baker must be patient in the early stages of earning because good cakes take time. The individual must have the ability to follow the right instruction with the correct measurement. Baking is a very detailing task and it has to be observed from time to time for perfection. The candidate will learn in the above course to organize the skills, ability to meet the deadlines, composure under the deadlines.


The qualification reflects that the skills which are necessary for cake and pastry making. It includes all the requirements which are required by the baking profession. The profession of baking is not very straight but it demands practice. Without practice, it is not easy to master the art of baking. The baking profession is demanded by every corner of the world. The bakers have a great demand. They are even hired in the hotels and restaurants for dessert baking. This is one of the professions which allows the individual to set up an independent business. This is a very effective course which helps him to teach the various techniques. The qualification also includes formal education which is necessary for knowing the fundamentals of baking. Baking is a worldwide accepted profession. The course is effective and allows the individual to get good career options in the cooking industry. All the art of baking is being taught; different equipment is given to them to use. It is a whole new experience for the candidate to indulge themselves in the profession. This is a very affordable course and it is specially designed for the candidates of Australia who wish to enhance their career in cooking. The career option associated with baking is decorative artist, base maker, cake specialist and many more. But it is more evident to acquired cake masking and decoration skills. The individual gets the chance to make cakes and pastry and which are later judged by the chefs. Their qualification of the course involves tests, exams, practical training, skills are being given. The candidates get the chance to learn the cutting and form dough, clean bows and pans after use, fry doughnuts, prepare to fill and decorate baked goods. A successful baker knows how to shop the items and estimate the moderate pricing goods with good ingredients in them, bring diversity on their desert, focus on their customer, make use of the help available. And the one who doesn’t forget about the advertising their skills. The bakers get a good amount of salary in differ workplace. The course will help you to earn a large amount and will help you to become a professional baker.


The qualification teaches the individual what it takes to be a successful baker. The course focuses on teaching the recipes and techniques apart from the instruction booklet. All the baking recipes are taught easily and appealingly. The decoration is the fundamental subject. All the work must be carried out in a healthy and friendly work environment. Try to make the workplace healthier and safer. Try to work according to the usage of the regulations. The candidate must possess good communication and hand-eye coordination for better customer interaction. The candidate must be able to work individually or alone in the team and can set up their business. The salary associated with this profession extends to $40,987. This course allows the individual to set their own business too in pastry making. There is excellent scope in cabinet making. The senior students are persuaded with the knowledge and education.

There is a total of 15units that are supposed to be studied. 11 is the fundamental subject and 4 are the elective subjects.



Use good quality of food and prepare good for the filling


Production of the pastry which are laminated


Production of the desserts and pastries which are non-laminated


Learn the making of the sponge cake and include in the menu


Bake and produce cookies and biscuit for the production


Make cake and pudding production and make sure good quality to be maintained


Schedule the production of the cake and pastry

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