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Food processing is the conversion of raw material into food or one form into another but the end product is food. There are various kinds of food processing, one such example of food processing is the conversion of raw grains into flour which is further used in the home/kitchen and industries to produce ready-made edible food. And with the help of variant technologies method, the process of food processing has become environment friendly because there is some food which reduces the food waste which is a plus point for the environment. There are three types of food processing. Primary food processing involves the conversion of food into a food material that can be consumed. For example, flour can be get consumed but it is hard to consume grains. The secondary mode of food production involves the conversion of primary food processing into something edible. For example, flour can be used t make bread and it a material that is ready to eat. Tertiary food processing involves the adding of extra spices, fat, sugar and turning it into something delicious and which is instant in each g. For example, A bread sandwich which contains chicken, cheese, lots of sauces and spices for dressing will enhance the taste but it is an instant cause of obesity and health problem among the people.


Food processing is sufficient in removing the harmful toxin which is contained in some lawsuits and vegetable. Food processing has helped in making our life easy as it makes the food available for a longer period, easy marketing and it is easily available. Food processing enhances transportation and it makes the different variety of food available which is not available in a particular region. The best use of food processing is that they mention an expiry eat because without eat we would be consuming too many bacteria and microorganism without knowing it. It preserves the food for a longer time and also serves as the best and good food in the locality. Without food processing, the supermarket and local markets would be very difficult to run. When food processing was first used, it helped in overcoming the food shortage at a particular place and improved the overall balanced diet and nutriment meter of the entire population. The one thing which is important to note is that foodborne disease can be abducted with the help of food processing.

The modern diet which exclusively includes various products is the only possible due to food processing. And the elite society who are more involved in the consumption of exotic food material and fruits /vegetables are directly dependent on food processing. It enhances the taste of the item. And due to mass production of raw material into bulk has made It's affordable and cheaper for us to avail all the benefits of it. Processed food has made our life easier. Due to modern lifestyle and less time, we can prepare our meal in no time because of such high availability of food which is done by the method of food processing. And the food industry is consistently growing and fulfilling any different needs of every population.


Every coin has two sides, similarly, anything which is so convenient has some drawbacks too. Though it has made our life a lot easy but food processing reduced the amount of nutrient value in the food and added amount of preservation directly affects the health too. Though the food doesn’t have an instant effect on health, the constant consumption of such food can lead to various trouble for human health. It can cause diseases like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease due to fried food, risk of cancer, and many more.


The course will enable the skills and knowledge required in food processing. Food processing is a vast sector such as grain processing, baking, fruits and vegetables, dairy processing, grocery products, confectionery, beverages, and many more. The course will enable the candidate and make him learn about the stock feed, milling wheat, large-scale production. The course also includes the visit to large and known food processing companies to make them understand the working of the factories. The course is set for the candidate who is laborious and cares smart enough to deal with the problem-solving situation. There are three types of processing and the course will provide all the practical as well as theoretical training to the students.


The course doesn’t require any documents for this qualification. The candidate is required to complete 13 competency units . 4 are the core units  and9 are the elective units.

  • 1 should be chosen from Gathering A. On the off chance that this capability is to be applied in a workplace where food is prepared for non-human utilization, for example, pet food and stock feed or different circumstances where human food handling abilities are not needed, at that point FBPOPR2032 Apply work strategies to keep up the respectability of item ought to be chosen.
  • 5 should be chosen from Gathering B
  • 1 should be chosen from Gathering B or Gathering C
  • 2 might be chosen from the leftover units in Gatherings B or C, or any at present embraced Preparing Bundle or licensed course bundled at Endorsement I (greatest 1 unit), Authentication II, or Declaration III (most extreme 1 unit) levels.


Implement the quality check and procedure


Inform and spread the workplace information and notices


Maintain the sustainable environment


Make sure to follow work procedure to maintain the sustainable work environment


The process should be easy and consistent


Cool the dough that is prepared


The slicing process should begin


Start making the pastry


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