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The concept of evolution introduced by Charles Darwin changed the entire world. It is one of the most authentic theories majority of the scientific community approves. Evolutionary psychology is somewhat similar to evolutionary biology. It is safe to assume that watching evolutionary psychology through the lens of evolutionary biology. Keeping the principles of Darwin's evolutionary biology in mind, we study the behavior, thought, and feeling. It is more of a theoretical approach to psychology. It is a study in which psychologists focus on how the mind was shaped under pressure to survive and reproduce. In other words, it is a study that focuses on how evolution has changed or shaped the mind and behavior.

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Myths about evolutionary psychologists-

Half knowledge is dangerous. Because of this half-knowledge spread on a large scale, a lot of different myths about the evolutionary psychologists surfaced, some of them are-

It is all about human mating-

Well, as we have mentioned, evolutionary psychology focuses on how evolution has shaped or changed mind and behavior. We can say that it consists of Darwin's principle of evolution and natural selection. It undoubtedly addresses things about human mating, but if we see it from a bigger perspective, it is from a bigger spectrum of psychology including, love, religion, memory, group identification, etc.

Evolution psychologists believe that point everything for humans is to increase the population of their offspring-

Humans are selfish. There is no doubt about it, but humans are not overly selfish and only think about increasing the population of their offspring. No evolutionary psychologist is claiming that humans are only trying to overpopulate. It is one of the biggest myths.

Myths are a common thing when it comes to psychology. To score better in the semester, all these students must be able to differentiate myths from reality and then start writing the assignment. In other words, students must understand the core concept of the subject. If he doesn't understand then he might face hardships in completing the assignment and for that, experts at Assignment Hippo are providing the best evolutionary psychology assignment help.

Evolutionary Psychologists are politically conservative-

According to a research, evolutionary psychologists are as politically liberal as they are in academics just like any other person. We all are living in a free society, and we are free to have any political opinions we like without any issues.

Culture has no effect on human behavior-

Those who believe that evolutionary psychologists think that culture has no effect on human behavior are sadly mistaken. Culture is one of the most crucial parts and plays an important role in the human evolutionary story. Just like Assignment Hippo plays an important role in providing you the best evolutionary psychology assignment help, so you can score HD grades.

Evolutionary psychologists believe that humans should eat raw meat or food without cooking-

This statement or myth is as nonsense as it sounds. No evolutionary psychologists believe that humans should start eating raw meat or food without cooking. In fact, according to Richard Wrangham, Harvard biological anthropologist, the human digestive system is designed to digest cooked food.

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It is safe to assume that Evolutionary Psychology is a byproduct or synthesis of cognitive psychology, ethology, anthropology, evolutionary biology, social psychology, etc. To understand the basic concept of evolutionary psychology, one must able to understand the core concepts of Darwin's theory of evolutionary biology, or at the very least, one must able to understand the concept of evolution by the natural selection.

With the help of evolutionary psychology, we can have a detailed analysis of human nature and what caused the change in human behavior. Evolution with natural selection means the selection of the best possible mate with the best possible reproductive and other traits for survival. Nature will automatically choose the best two pairs of a species. With physical inheritance, the offspring may inherit the nervous system that is responsible for the cognitive and behavioral development. Evolutionary psychology helps in the study of this kind of behavioral pattern and the evolution of the mind.

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