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Inside a living cell, there exist numerous proteins that are responsible for catalysing all the chemical reactions. These are known as Enzymes or biological catalysts. Other than speeding up all the chemical process in the living cell, these proteins perform various other functions in the living body of an organism as well which is why students pursuing Biology are interested to know more about this topic. Due to the high demand of the subject, several students have approached us and taken our Enzyme assignment help services to get rid of all their assignment-related queries within a jiffy. Assignment Hippo is a name that shines bright among all other organisations in the industry due to the quality that is never compromised from our end.

Enzyme Technology Introduction

Enzyme technology is the field wherein students study the properties of the industrial enzymes and how they are utilised in the industry. For instance, the natural enzymes that are produced by nature are mostly being utilised in producing a wide range of food items such as vinegar, cheese, wine, beer etc. Other than these items, the natural enzymes are also used to manufacture linen, leather so on. The recombinant DNA technology has played a vital role in improving the manufacturing procedures that has ultimately led to the commercialisation of enzymes in the industry.

What Are The Functions of an Enzyme?

Life cannot sustain without enzymes as there are a variety of functions associated with them. These proteins are found in different cells in our bodies and each of the enzymes present in them performs a plethora of vast and complex functions.

Having a diverse knowledge in enzyme biology, our experts who write enzyme assignments are fully proficient in solving all the doubts of students regarding the functions of enzymes. Following is a list of some of them:


Found in the small intestines, Lactase is the enzyme that is responsible for breaking the lactose and all the present sugar into the milk and converting them into glucose and galactose.


It is an enzyme group that plays an important role in the digestion of fats in the guts.

Pancreatic enzymes

These are the enzymes that are present inside the pancreas. These play the role of breaking down proteins, fats and carbohydrates into glucose present there.


Amylase is a group of enzymes that are found in saliva. With the help of this enzyme, complex products of starch are broken down into simple sugar particles.


This enzyme is also found inside the small intestines. The role that it plays is to break protein molecules into simpler amino acids and speeds up the digestion process.

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