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When you hear ‘e-commerce’, the first thing that probably comes to mind is online shopping! But to business or commerce students, it more often than not means calling for e-commerce assignment help! E-commerce or electronic commerce is one of the key innovations accessible to the new generation in an efficient manner. A large majority of people in Australia and around the world tend to use the internet for a number of purposes.

Over a period of time, technology has contributed to making lives easier and more convenient. There is a lot of manufacturing and retail firms that are looking further to sell goods online because it enables them to attract more online buyers in a successful manner. For this reason, Australian universities offer e-commerce courses to national and international students. Henceforth, e-commerce assignment help is high in demand as students’ understanding of e-commerce assignments is quite new and limited. The pinpoint of this course is to think and act like a buyer and seller both by fully grasping the terminologies of e-commerce.

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Important 2 Types Of E-Commerce You Should Know!

Intra Organizational E-Commerce

An intra organizational e-commerce is often regarded when the exchange does not involve several organizations. Intra-business e-commerce where parties participating in the online transactions are from that same business enterprise. Hence, it is named as intra organizational e-commerce.

Improving supply chain productivity is the secret to effective intra-organization e-commerce. You can examine from a business perspective at an e-commerce business strategy which incorporates different industry and enterprise applications in order to function together, such functions include-

  • IT

  • Management

  • Mobile

  • Business

  • Outsource vendors

Inter-Organizational E-Commerce

Inter-organizational e-commerce applies to the entire scope of e-commerce that can happen among two organizations. This is the e-commerce for companies that are centered on selling to other companies in the B2B segment of e-commerce.

It involves companies doing business with another firm, in order to cut costs on easily negotiable transactions. Companies also purchase and offer goods and services directly from each other.

Here, the credit trade cycle involves-

  • Pre-sales

  • Execution

  • Settlement

  • After-sales

Hence, in short, the models of e-commerce include:

  • B2B (business to business)

  • B2C (business to consumer)

  • B2G (business to government)

  • C2C (consumer to consumer)

The Need To Understand What Is Architecture Framework For E-commerce To Write an Assignment Holistically

Architecture framework for e-commerce requires software, hardware, and networks. The major infrastructure needed for the architecture framework for e-commerce is the web server, electronic catalog, web support, web page design, and other internet elements. However, the framework is critical for developing e-commerce apps or websites.

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