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The focus of the doctoral dissertation is to allow the student to present their findings concerning the formulated research question or problems. But what is the aim of the dissertation? Well, this project aims to test the independent research skills of the scholars that they have learned during their academic duration in the university. This dissertation carries a higher chunk of grades so you can seek help from Assignment Hippo as Doctoral dissertation help experts here are experienced, proficient, and adept in writing these lengthy and research-based tasks. Our teams will help you in completing your dissertations as they are working in this field for more than ten years and they have a great bunch of research skills and academic writing skills that will bring you outlandish grades.

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There are mainly three types of a doctoral dissertation that can be bifurcated as scientific research dissertation, system research dissertation, and case study dissertation. Over the years, students have contacted our doctoral dissertation help experts to obtain one-to-one assistance for completing them.

  1. Scientific research dissertation- It comprises cutting-edge research of significant scientific value and meaning. In this research, the scientific novelty, uniqueness, and application in the real world are examined.
  2. System development dissertation- The illustrative feature of this dissertation is that it constitutes research and development on the information system with great social impact. In this kind of a dissertation, the evaluation is done on the fact that what impact this research will have on society.
  3. Case study dissertation- It is the kind of research dissertation which aims to analyze and systematize a particular example of an information system. In this kind of dissertation, scholars are asked to add their new points, new viewpoints to the already performed research.

Frequently Asked Questions answered by Doctoral dissertation help experts

Our team of dissertation help experts is well aware of the queries and confusion of the scholars regarding their doctoral dissertations. A number of scholars communicate with our teams on a daily basis, hence they have an idea of the points that make scholars befuddle and disorient regarding their dissertation. Below is some information regarding the doctoral dissertation provided by experts of Assignment Hippo.

How Long and Extensive a Dissertation Is?

This is a question that is most frequently asked by scholars who are pursuing doctoral programs in universities. Perhaps, the most appropriate answer to this question is that the dissertation should be written to such an extent that it can be efficiently answerable to the stated research question.

There is not any single answer regarding the length of the dissertation, but it may contain 100 to 200 pages on average. It is a contradictory statement as some individuals say it should be 145 pages, some say that it can be 90 or more. But the parameter of the extensiveness of the dissertation is that the length is directly proportional to the topic of the dissertation, style of academic writing, and the goals of the writer.

Dissertation help experts at Assignment Hippo keep everything into consideration while writing a dissertation for you.

  • STEM And NON-STEM Dissertation Length

Some factors should be considered regarding the focus on the length of a Ph.D. dissertation. The limitation of the dissertation is that the length of the dissertation will be between 80,000 to 100,000 words and it should be between 204 pages. Our team of Doctoral dissertations help online experts write accordingly as per the university and the specific subject requirements. STEM dissertations constitute a medium length of 159 pages and NON-STEM dissertations comprises 159 pages.

Structural Framework of Dissertation by our Doctoral dissertation help experts

The most important thing is to focus on the framework of the dissertation as it should follow all the points. The right information should be fed at every point and the final write-up should contain a good length. Below is the structural framework of the dissertation explained by our doctoral dissertation help experts.

  1. Introduction- This section is important as it gives an overview to the readers and makes them understand the significance of the dissertation topic. It includes fascinating facts regarding the topic as in this student needs to tell the readers why they have chosen this particular topic and what makes it unique. The doctoral dissertation writing experts at Assignment Hippo present an elegant introduction of your topic and write it such as a teaser of the movie as they focus on intriguing the audience without disclosing or revealing anything in detail.
  2. Background- In this section, the background or the history of the topic is being highlighted and the dots are connected to the present viewpoint of the topic.
  3. Aim and Objective- Your dissertation should provide a clear and transparent aim and objectives of your dissertation topic. This will help the reader to go through the whole dissertation and will connect the write-up with the aim and objectives.
  4. Methodology- In this section, various points should be covered. This includes the formulation of the research question by using some tools, for example, PICO. The next step in the methodology is the designing of a search strategy that inculcates the formulation of keywords regarding the research questions from extracting the relevant literature from databases such as PUBMED, Medline, etc. The next step is combining keywords with Boolean operators in making search strings.
  5. Review of the literature- In this section, you need to analyze the relevant papers that you have extracted from the databases and write a proper review of them. Some of the factors that need to be considered are that there should be no biases in the literature review, there should be no extra points added from your end in writing the review. The main point of the literature review is to interrogate the strength and weaknesses of the particular published research.
  6. Results- The result includes the analysis of the literature review. Here, the university wants students to feature the findings of their particular research. Research findings and their fine presentation will help the scholars to get marks as it is the most delicate part of the research paper.
  7. Conclusion- This section is depicted as the discussion section as here the scholars should discuss the implication of their research.

So, doctoral dissertation help experts provide a current and bigger perspective of your dissertation topics so that your dissertation looks fine. What more? Yes, our experts will diversify the current evidence-based facts regarding the topic in your dissertation.

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