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The dissertation is a long-piece document generally written to earn Masters and Doctoral level degrees. It includes various sections and abstract is one of them. While working on a dissertation you will acknowledge that dissertation abstract writing is one of the most complex tasks that consume a lot of time and effort. If you are stuck in the process or wondering what would be the way to write a perfect abstract? Here, we have provided all the useful information that can help you to write a perfect dissertation abstract. The entire information is provided by the experts offering dissertation abstract help services in the UK.

The abstract appears at the beginning of the dissertation paper but it is written last. In the dissertation, the abstract is presented on a separate page just after the title page and before the table of content. As per the experts who provide dissertation writing services, the abstract include:

  • Definition of purpose, statement, aim, and objective of the main topic
  • Briefly explain the methodology
  • Provide significant arguments and findings
  • Summary of dissertation, conclusions, and recommendations

Most of the time, abstracts are generally written in 150-300 words or 10% word count of the assignment. The students are suggested to check the marking criteria before writing the abstract of a dissertation.

The abstract is one of the most important parts of any assignment whether it is an essay, research paper, or dissertation, etc. The abstract is a crucial element of the thesis. It can be explained as an in-depth analysis of a specific topic or subject that is used to explain the purpose of your paper.

Size and Structure

The size of an abstract depends on the type of assignments and universities. For example - the ideal word count for Masters thesis is 150 words whereas 350 words for Doctoral dissertation as per Canada's National Archive. To get a visual coherence, an abstract must be about 280 words with one double-spaced page. The structure of an abstract is quite simple, it just includes the whole thesis and all the important elements.

Clearly state the Research Question

The research question is the skeleton of a paper. It is important to present your research question/s clearly at the beginning of the abstract.

Include Results/ Outcome

Some students forget to showcase the outcome. Half of the abstract only discusses the interpreting and summarising of the results.

How Do I Write A Perfect Dissertation Abstract?

There could be many students who do not understand the importance of writing an abstract for a paper or do not have an idea of how to prepare an abstract. Such students can follow the tips given below:

1. Purpose

First, students must understand the purpose of writing an abstract. The main purpose is to outline the major information of your dissertation in a formulaic and systematic way. The abstract acts as a short-hand for all the paper.

2. Length

Students must know that the abstract should not be more than one page. But it is important to check the marking rubric of the dissertation to make sure that the abstract has all the requirements. Exceeding the limitation of word count indicates that a student has a lack of understanding in terms of an abstract.

3. Avoid Verbosity

Sticking to the word count and stay focused are the biggest challenges for university scholars while writing a dissertation abstract. Therefore, it is essential to avoid unnecessarily superfluous and florid language. Be clear, simple and precise while writing an abstract. For more details, dissertation abstract writing experts are available round the clock to help you.

4. Thoroughness

The abstract does not only showcase the major elements but also highlights the entire dissertation. The abstract is a section that includes reviewed literature, objectives, aim, analysis, methodologies, and conclusions.

5. Authority

Always be professional right from the beginning of the abstract. Present your work in such a way that looks professional and credible. It requires enough academic skills such as writing, editing, proofreading, and quality check, etc. If you lack such skills, our dissertation writers are available to help you.

6. Salesman Approach

Academics will read the abstract and analyse whether it is useful for them or not. Thus, it is recommended by the dissertation abstract help online experts to strengthen your research and methods.

7. Balance

While writing a dissertation, you are also required to maintain the balance of different sections. You can refer to the guidelines of marking criteria to check how many marks does each section carry, and organise the sections accordingly including abstract.

8. Clarity of Expression

The major problem that a student face is to summarise the whole dissertation is a low word count that arises the lack of clarity of expression. Therefore, students are required to express their ideas, thoughts or information clearly so that it can be easy to understand by the reader.

9. Consult Published Material

With different aspects and methods of writing a dissertation over the internet, you can find useful templates and models. Read different dissertations written by the subject-matter experts to get ideas of writing perfect abstract for your paper. Still, if you have any doubts, you can avail of dissertation writing services from dissertation writers.

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