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What is Demography?

Demography is the study of birth, death, and population in society. It also describes the transformation of human structure. Demography takes graphs and diagrams into account and exemplifies all the data related to population. It is also an essential part of statistics, provides precise information, and helps students with the best understanding.

Demography includes the changes in the structure ad distributions of population based on the variables like birth, death, aging, and migration. It also helps the experts to analyze the relationship between different financial, social, cultural, and biological processes that impact a population. If you are confused due to various data and analyses involved in demography, then avail of our online demography assignment help and come out of your academics successfully.

Importance of Demography


Studying demography is important to the economy of a country or society, which determines the economy's growth rate in relation to the growth rate of the population. A strong economy always ensures a better living standard and per capita income of the individuals.


The study of demography also essential as the rise in a population helps in highlighting the major concerns in the society such as water, education, medical, and transportation facility. The outcome also helps the administration to take further action for the betterment of society.

Better Administration

Studying demography also helps the administrator handle different issues like a higher population, poor drainage system, and infectious diseases.

Health Planning & Health Product Distribution

Demographic studies ensure better health planning and effective distribution of the health product. It offers key insight on different health issues in rural areas and even in the metros. It also offers a thorough understanding of the life-threatening diseases and uncovers the fertility rate, increasing rate of obesity, and causes of pollution and helps the administration take necessary measures. The data collection and analysis help them come up with a conclusion for the betterment of society and urge them to plan at the earliest.

Educational Planning

Good educational infrastructure is highly essential to design a better and stronger society. It also creates a future-ready and sustainable country. Studying demography on educational facilities helps the authorities to access the current situation and plan for necessary educational infrastructure across the country. An extensive study also urges them to initiate different literacy campaigns accessing different characteristics of children.

FAQs on Demography

What are the fundamental techniques used for calculating demography?

The key techniques used for the calculation of demography include demographic ratio, proportion, and rates. The demographic ratio is all about finding sex ratio, age ratio, or even education ratio in the society. The nesting technique is rated, which is all about the time period involved during the occurrence of different procedures.

What are the Key objectives of demography?

The primary objectives of demography include safeguarding the future demographic evolution and also probable after-effects. It also aims to gain a better insight into the size, composition, and distribution of the population.

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