Data Integration Research

Sample Assignment on Data Integration Research

System, Schema, and Semantic Heterogeneity

As presented in the lecture, over the last 25 years data integration has been a key issue in achieving systems interoperability between heterogeneous data storage and management systems - because of the existence of System, Schema, and Semantic Heterogeneity.

You are required to develop your understanding by researching these issues and explain (and illustrate) the meaning of the following within the context of Data Integration (no more than 1000 words in the main body); this research is NOT Oracle-specific.

  1. As an overview, explain the difference between System, Schema, and Semantic Heterogeneity.
  2. What might be the causes/origins of Schema and Semantic Heterogeneity?
  3. Give a range of examples of Schema and Semantic Heterogeneity.

Note: All sources should be correctly cited and referenced.


References must cited within the report using a consistent format (e.g. the Harvard referencing system); they should also be listed at the end of the main body (before any Appendix).