CUA10315 Certificate I in Visual Arts Assessment Answer

CUA10315 Certificate I in Visual Arts

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Visual Art is different art forms that create work that is primarily visual such as ceramics, sculpturing, film making, photography, and architecture. But this is not the ideal definition for Visual’s art because Visual Art is a wide concept which covers various artistic disciplines (performing art, conceptual art, and textile) and many more. It also includes industrial design, fashion designing, and other decorative arts like painting, printing, etc. The current explanation of the Visual Arts usually includes fine art and decorative arts and crafts. The Era of the fine arts and decorative took a new turn in the 20th century in Britain. Back in time, the term “Artist “is only restricted to a particular individual but now the term has spread to a great extent. The art and the distinction were enhanced and praised by the artists of the art. The increasing scope of the term visual art and the declining cause of sculpture and the other arts that has been generated by the Western and Eastern Culture. One of the very popular paintings is Chinese. Training in visual art comes in a different form through certain apprentice and workshop systems. The Renaissance brought the storm in Europe and the neighboring countries increase the number of artists led to the academic systems for training artists and different schools opened for teaching and training the upcoming artist at an advanced level. The subject Visual Art has become now an elective subject which is now taught in schools and university. There is visual training provided such as Drawing, Painting, Computer Graphics, Printmaking, Photography, Architecture, and many more.

Visual Arts include the following:

FINE ART: Fine art is a subcategory that falls under the fine arts. Fine art revolves around Drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture along with associated activities like Illustration, calligraphy, graphics, and architecture.

CONTEMPORARY ARTS: Contemporary art is also known as the modern art forms such as Mixed media, Animation. Such activities include the activities such as the use of a computer or digital apparatus for creating graphics, illustration, giclee prints. Another form of art is visual art and land art which also includes transition art and many more.

DECORATIVE ART AND CRAFTS: These are the type of arts used for graphic design, fashion design, and interior design which includes various skills like making pot s, mosaic art, tapestry, glass art. And these art forms are not the type that can be learned in a single day. It requires a couple of days which requires adapting the skill and attain perfection.

OTHER: Other forms of art include the applied art such as graphics, interior, fashion designing. This is not exactly the type of visual art, but it is associated with it. For example, tattoos, face painting, body painting, etc.


Increasing exposure to visual art in the 20th century has led to an increase in their value in the present world and it has encouraged the world to open universities and colleges for the development of the visual arts and some universities provide tertiary learning about the visual arts. The government also devotes its time and money to encourage the visual arts. Ongoing reductions, in any case, exhibit the colossal size of the visual craftsmanship industry in the 21st century. What is more, regardless of whether some full-time specialists are as yet poor, this is fundamental because their numbers have shot up altogether in the course of recent many years.

This capability mirrors the job of people who are creating basic inventive and specialized abilities that support visual expressions and specialty practice.

Authorizing/Administrative Data

No authorizing, authoritative, or accreditation prerequisites apply to this capability at the hour of distribution.

  • All out number of units = 6
  • 3 center units in addition to
  • 3 elective units of which:
  • 1 unit should be chosen from the electives recorded beneath
  • 2 units might be chosen from the excess recorded electives or any at present supported preparing bundle capability or authorize course at Endorsement I or II levels.

Elective units should apply to the workplace and the capability, keep up the honesty of the AQF arrangement, and add to a substantial professional result.



Add to wellbeing and security of self as well as other people


Utilize essential drawing strategies


Use thoughts and strategies to create innovative work


Apply essential relational abilities


Apply basic reasoning methods


Work on a PC


Usage of the digital devices and gadgets


This course will allow the aspirant to learn more and more about visual art and all type of visual art. The candidate will get the exposure to learn all the tricks and technique which is essential in the field of art. Usually, the artist is dedicated to an individual for an articular field of work but with evaluation in technology and modernity, the term art has been spread in various forms and sizes. It is not only restricted to painting and drawings, instead it is grown to the interior design, textile, architecture, and much more. This course is sufficient in providing the best concept and skills to the individual which would be very useful in future. This endorsement revile will assist the student with getting information on every one of the procedures that can be utilized during the time spent visual expressions. There would be the viable information which student will be granted with alongside all the functional preparing to beat every one of the difficulties that emerge in this interaction. A student can profit from numerous advantages from the course of visual expressions s. This course is for the understudies that needed to acquire information and study visual expressions s in detail at a more elevated level. The improvement of any association relies on its administration. Numerous individuals are occupied with visual expressions s and needed development in their professions. This course can make their errand simpler by teaching them with the abilities of visual expressions better. There are numerous advantages and preparation that are given to the students. The public authority is additionally favoring this course and numerous grants are given to the student from the public authority's side. There are numerous advantages of doing this course. Numerous individuals are getting compensation climbs from the course. There are numerous advantages offered to the students. Numerous motivators and preparation are given to the students. Grants are additionally granted. The public authority likewise gives advances to understudies who cannot bear the cost of this course. The course of visual expressions s is for understudies that have a huge interest in this cycle.

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