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During your web search or any conversation, you must have heard of Cryptography, which stands for encrypted writing (secret writing or something written in codes). The usage of Cryptography consists of exchanging information or data between two or more participants in a form so that it cannot be deciphered by anyone else.

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Cryptography Application

There is no denial in the fact that how essential role Cryptography is playing at present. Whether it’s encrypting military relay message, high-value information exchange of corporate firms, storing passwords, national security, or any other secret information, cryptography safeguards everything with its unique structure. The wide application of Cryptography consists of data-integrity, authentication, non-repudiation, maintain data confidentiality, and whatnot.

When Does Cryptography Become Essential?

The extensive use of smartphones and the internet to share information through emails, WhatsApp, etc., has become a common phenomenon these days. Thus, it’s erecting a major threat to the users by putting the data on risk. Cryptography ensures to safeguard all your data from unnecessary tampering and hacking.

  • Electronic Falsification

This is another big concern of the people at the moment. Hackers target people by using the users’ fake digital signature and execute theft. Cryptography puts an end to this practice and safeguards electronic transactions.

  • Internet Network

Another threat, which puts your data into big trouble, is when multiple computers are connected to the network, which allows the exchange of information with each other worldwide. Cryptography curbs the threat and keeps the data safe. It turns out to be highly significant with the boom in e-commerce business.

  • Access Control

Cryptography can also restrict hackers and other risk creators to get satellite and cable TV control.

Types of Cryptography Techniques

Cryptography techniques comprise the following types:

  • Public Key Cryptography- Being asymmetric encryption, this kind consists of two cryptosystems; hence the connection between the sender and the receiver of the message becomes secure.
  • Secret Key Cryptography- This type of Cryptography uses a single key for both the sender who encrypts a message and the receiver who decrypts the message.
  • Hash Function- This technique verifies the integrity of a message, ensuring no information a malware can tamper or destroy.

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