CPC60121 Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying Assessment Answers

CPC60121 Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying

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A building survey is called an investigation and inspection of the services and construction of a property in enough length to allow a surveyor to advise on what are the impacts of the condition of the property on a client. The level of the surveyor has to be enough to allow the surveyor to advise on future related problems that may occur with the different components of the building. The surveyor has to be in a place to advise the client or owner of the location of the property where it does not match the needs of modern regulation and of any modifications or alterations that need to be carried out to meet the compliance with other needs as well. It is important to understand the building survey is considered to find the applied needs of every client. Various operation for the diagnosis survey helps in the establishment of a balance of probabilities which nature and defects cause. The methodology is involved for the research purpose and is supported by the facts and figures of the investigation. This type of reporting and investigation combines and form the major part of the building surveys. Any survey which is carried out intends to provide the information to the client. It focuses on a specific part or area of the building. Different instructions might get inline in the form of the growing mushrooms. Along with this, the type of survey is important for confirmation on what specifically needs to be inspected. This survey is carried out for the assessment of the condition of a multi-story factory, office, block, house, and shopping Centre, etc. that needs before the respective purchaser who would be signing on the dotted line. The survey which is undertaken is essential for the repairment that may be designed and a budget produced for the repairs taking place annually or for the maintenance budgets. The survey is carried out for the identification of the components that need to be routinely replaced ahead of the failed activities. A survey is carried out to give the information and data on the physical and materialistic condition and current performance of an organization’s current stock in the connection with the preparation of a maintenance program. The decision-makers must report accurately to make judgments on how they should act to reverse or arrest building degradation and the price implications of not completing so. A survey is carried out for the production of a building schedule, for example, before the tenant's possession.

The schedule of different conditions needs to be appended to the agreement to clear and record the state of the premises at the time of possession which is known. The tenant when vacating the building it requires a survey to be conducted on the reasons. A further survey is carried out when the vacates the building. The schedule of the situation that is produced on a specific event or occasion, must include prices related to the reinstatement work which is needed to be taken out by the tenant under the terms of the agreement.

Emergency response

Hazard and risk management

Accident reporting

Return to work

· Give immediate medical help to the employees when required


· Medical assurance facilities

· Pre-planned evacuation plan if fire accidents happen


· Well trained employees to meet disaster happenings

· Telephone facilities availability all the time


· Response to accidents must be actively done

· Getting back to work with all the safety assurance


· No mishappening with the worker which can be robbery and others

  • Quality is defined as meeting the standard requirements and expectations of the clients with respect and appropriate function.
  • Assurance is defined as the positive impact and effect on a product or service which will provide confidence to the product and company ultimately.
  • When it comes to using software for quality assurance you need to follow the steps to ensure the quality of the software-related products or services delivered to the clients by the company.
  • Quality assurance focuses on the improvement part in developing software and qualifying them to meet certain criteria and standards.
  • Planning: Company must do proper planning and establish the procedure with objectives followed by determining the process which can be adapt to deliver high-quality end products.
  • Implementing: developing testing methods to quality check and make changes as per the requirements.
  • Checking: Process monitoring, if required modification of processes and checking whether it’s matching the requirements and standards.
  • Action: Final implementation of the actions which are needed to reach the improvements in the procedure.

Inspection is defined as an activity that is performed legally to check the quality of products and services provided by the industry and organization. It checks the product quality, manufacturing methods, ingredients, and other parts of quality check. The process includes round checks and inspections by the inspectors and group of authorities who go to the industry and visit every department where the production takes place with the final step of packaging and labeling and give feedback and a mark of approval to the products and services. This is important to ensure the quality of the products. No bad effect on human health, wildlife, and the environment. Regular inspections at companies and industries make sure to develop good quality products and services with no misleading of products which will satisfy customers with good quality products in a good range of amount.

Details of the course

Type of unit

Number of units

Core units


Elective Units


Core units

Unit code



Specifications and plans


Application of building codes and standards


Research and evaluation


Planning and development of applications for buildings


Identification and evaluation of legal requirements

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