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Corporate Strategy Assignment Help The corporate level strategy which includes critical or strategic decision-making of an organization that can have influence over all the business objectives or activities. These strategies include an evaluation of various aspects of an organization such as financial performance parameters, human resource training and management, allocation and utilization of resources, and other capital requirements and business decisions such as trade partnerships, mergers, and acquisition.

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The Various Types Of Corporate-level Strategies Are:

Value Building Strategy

In which the business enterprises strengthen their core capabilities to develop their competitive advantage over other competitors and gain the market size and share. These strategies explore various opportunities to increase economies of scale, add value and build a positive perception about the products or services that are being offered by the business. Further, this helps to reduce costs by optimization of resources and capacities and also helps to build efficiency in the business.

Value Neutral Strategy

Value Reducing Strategy

In which the business enterprise engages in activities to reduce the stakeholders or customers excessive perceived value for the business operations or when assumptions are being made that only top management is getting benefits from some critical business initiatives such as diversification approaches of the business. In these strategies efforts are made to streamline the business operations by refocusing on business market segments, target audiences, demographics, etc.

The nature and scope of corporate-level strategies:

It identifies and evaluates the strategic scope of the business enterprise which helps to build performance targets for the business.

It helps to identify the geographic scope of business to generate profits from business-level strategies. It also helps in creating differentiation of the business operations and objectives for a business in context with the competitor analysis.

It can be divided into three parts;

Directional Issue

these are the strategies towards the Firm's overall orientation towards attaining growth, stability, or retrenchment.

Portfolio Issue

these are the strategies implemented to deal with issues relating to the industries or the market in which the firm competes by its products and business units.

Parenting Issues

these are strategies that the management applies to coordinate activities and transfer the resources and create effectiveness amongst the different units of the business and the product lines.

Applying the Concept to Companies

Example 1

Wal-Mart has applied the cost leadership business strategy to differentiate its products and services on competitive pricing over other market competitors. This has helped them push their sales volume and increase their market share and size by generating revenues much higher than their competitors.

Example 2

Mercedes Benz has applied the luxury brand positioning strategy to target their products to the premium and status-conscious target audiences who have large disposable incomes and desire to purchase luxury brands. They have positioned their product on a high pricing strategy to increase their return on investments (ROI) through premium costs in comparison to volume.

Corporate Strategy Assignment Help

A business enterprise needs strategic management decisions and actions to determine long-run performance, business growth, and productivity. It also helps in the evaluation of business opportunities and core competencies besides identification of business threats or risks to help the business in better monitoring and control of their operations or functions.

Strategy formulation includes decisions made after the evaluation of performance parameters for a business. It also includes an analysis of strategic factors to generate the most appropriate strategies after scanning the market environment and conditions.

Strategy implementation is the blueprint of a business plan or goals that are put into realistic approaches to achieve positive outcomes for a business in the form of market share, growth, and performance. It includes the following process:

  • Evaluating the strategic plan to identify the various aspects of business, understand the challenges, identify the real business goals and measure their performance within a time frame.
  • Establishing a clear outline of business objectives that need to be achieved and monitor the outcomes.
  • Engaging competent team members and encouraging them to understand the purpose of the strategic plan, identify their responsibilities and expectations, identify the business concerns, and manage them effectively.
  • Monitoring the progress of strategic planning and implementation to identify the loopholes and areas which need improvements.

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