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Education is an important aspect in the development of the Nation. It is the essential part of the life of an individual which helps to become independent. Education is a whole process that helps the individual in reading and writing. The process starts from the early stage of life where the kid is made to learn about the alphabet, letter, and numeric system. All the subjects are added to the curriculum seeking its importance in the future. With the bits of help in education, the individual is allowed to fight for their dreams and acquire a suitable profession in life. Education is a journey where a candidate learns and inspire in the respective field. It is a surplus opportunity for the individual because he learns about skills, morals, belief, and knowledge. Education is the main reason for building a suitable thought process in the human. Education is taken by the teachers. Schools and colleges are the eternal sources for the gain of knowledge. Educational is received formally and informally. Schools and institutions are often demonstrating the role of learning by adopting various activities for the students. It is a necessary place which helps the student to learn about basic etiquettes with knowledge. Education is imparted into several stages and these stages are followed as preschool, primary school. secondary school, college, and internship. Traditionally, education was not favoured but after the revolution and various movements, the role and the responsibilities of education made a huge impact. There were movements and reforms were made to bring equal education for everybody. There was a huge fight that people fought for the education of the female class. The stereotypes bounded the culture for a long time but education made it possible to break all.

Educational institutions have taken the responsibility of teaching the kids. Apart from education, there are various educational support was also intended. Education support is the extra help and services which are offered to the students for their betterment. External services such as mental health, equipment, individual to take care of different chores. Mental health has become a new topic at educational support because it is one of the reasons why a student is not able to concentrate. So, for the well-being of the teachers and students, a system has been set of educational support which offers assistance in mental wellbeing. Free counselling is being offered to the students who are out of control and feel depressed for no reason. The educational support system is opened for all the executives such as new teachers, trainees, serving teachers, heads, teaching assistants, lab assistants, education staff, and cleaning staff. It is necessary to study in a clean space. Hence, they all offer assistance to the student in one or another way. The teachers are in constant support of the teachers and are readily available for their queries and doubts in the subject. The course of educational support was brought seeing the future opportunities in the field of education and knowledge. It is that time where the importance of Education and its application are well known.


Education is creating employment. The candidate who has studied the course in the educational field is surely getting benefitted. They get several promotional and earning opportunities that help to earn and serve better. The course focus on the same purpose where the candidate would get the chance to get placed in the future. There are several educational supports. They can assist the teachers and professionals in teaching There are several job opportunities such as lab assistance, art teacher, supports teacher, counsellor, and many more. All the positions are meant to offer educational support to the students. The field is very apt in providing high earning. There is a high advantage for the candidate in this field because they can opt for better service and salary sector. All this functionality helps the nation to grow and improve the economy. More earning is directly proportional to economic growth. A country is often judged by its economic growth. It is an important factor; hence, every aspiring candidate must take admission in the following course. Another benefit of being in the educational field is that it enhances the skills of problem-solving. The assistance and the individual are required to make various decisions on their terms which contribute to improving problem-solving skills. The education field is a tension-free field where the candidate can lead a stress-free life. The work and stress load are manageable and it is preferred by both genders. It is one of the fields where one education is not limited to themselves. The education and the knowledge are often distributed to the students. It is one of the social works where the candidate would give knowledge to the society. Contributing to society is the biggest cause that is prominent. Education is one of the prominent steps which has contributed to building a modern society. Education has broken all the stereotypes and barriers which were created by the conservative society. New technologies and advanced electronic devices are all the result of education and knowledge. Education has taught us to break the social barriers for good and there must be equal opportunities for both males and females. There should be discrimination based on anything. Education brings empowerment.

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There are 17 units of competency and 12 are foundation units



Work under the legal policies, administrative, strategy and adapt the modern strategies for young students


Help the student in executing various plans


Help the students and promote schooling methods in every single formative area


Bring promotional changes and help the management to bring positive outcomes in education  


Try to improve proficiency and oral language abilities and help the nation to bring the literacy rates down


Help the student to learn about the of numeracy abilities


Work in a healthy environment with a healthy state of mind


Add the safety to the students and maintain their mental well being


Supports student who need extra necessities in the study hall climate



Work with the people who need more care and empower them.


Offer A1 care to the students


Work with student that would offer assistance to the kids


Take care of the requirement and pre requisite needed before the class


Create and perform in Native or Torres Waterway Islander language


Take care of the Native or Torres Waterway Islander training labourer


Collect the information with the help of online data


Install and offer support and little gathering learning regions


Utilize an e-learning and make them understand every conceit with the help of technology


Try to offer a new language such as English as a subsequent language


Develop and create research abilities in the students for the betterment in the future


Support students and provide them an environment for the handicap students

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