CHC22015 Certificate II in Community Services Assessment Answer

CHC22015 Certificate II in Community Services

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Community service workers need to use appropriate techniques to communicate with clients and colleagues. Communicating with your colleagues efficiently minimizes misunderstandings and maximizes job productivity. Good communication often promotes positive working relationships and helps you and your colleagues to collaboratively overcome problems. This will in turn create a work atmosphere that is more fun and less stressful.

  • The 10 ways in which workers will show these strategies are given below:
  • Listen actively
  • Speak with discretion and talk face to face
  • Offer constructive criticism
  • Build and earn the trust
  • Get personal but don’t be too casual
  • Consider communication preference and technology etiquette
  • Tell them how what you’re communicating is relevant to them
  • Keep spoken and written communications short, simple, and direct
  • Encouragement and feedback

These are some points to speak a Greek client who doesn't know strong English.

  1. Using the right body language is important. The facial gestures can help the consumer understand a lot and can be used properly.

The most important aspect of communication and interaction is proper eye contact with the client. Even if the language of communication is not understood by the speaker or the audience, body language, and the right movements will help to communicate.

  1. It is important to be culturally sensitive and to know the client's cultural context. The more you are aware of the client's cultural context, the more productive and efficient contact you will have.
  2. Adequate vocabulary must be used during interaction. Make sure that it is not appropriate to use complex words or phrases that will be hard for consumers to understand. Make sure they don't use slang words that can sound offensive and difficult for them to understand.
  3. The pace of speech at which contact is conducted must be slowed down. By reading the lips, speaking at a slower pace will make the other person who may not know or be very familiar with the language understand what needs to be communicated by reading the lips. Instead of someone speaking at a quick speed that would be challenging or might not be understood by the person at all it would allow them to gain trust in listening and understanding.
  4. It is necessary to enunciate the language clearly and make sure to use the right use of voice intonation. As it comes between the phrases, it is important to take the pauses and pronounce the words completely. The voice tone may represent the moods and emotions of the individual who communicates. It is necessary to make sure that the tone of voice is used to help the customers when communicating with and transmitting messages.

The right to privacy ensures that consumers can share that information with social workers or caregivers that may be embarrassing for them to share or self-incriminate that may assist the social worker to help the customer solve their issues or problems and help solve them. Community service agencies also have internet and email access policies that can help them more easily and efficiently distribute the information and facilitate connectivity and help exchange different ideas with customers and co-workers. It is the simplest way to connect and the quickest way. It helps to create rules and regulations for the exchange of important and confidential data through the internet and emails. It helps to monitor and regulate internet use efficiently in the workplace and helps them to consider privacy rights. When the policy and what it requested is understood, it makes the workers disciplined and use the necessary material across the internet. The material that could be covered in the policies is as follows:

Implementing the techniques is a good idea as it will encourage employees to look for standardized step-by-step protocols to be followed for contact with customers as well as colleagues and will ensure the participation of both and obtain sufficient information to communicate efficiently and effectively while ensuring continuity and preventing any kin.

It is important to start the partnership by developing trust and building relationships and the most benefit can be built through mutual understanding and once it is equitable. It is important to approach the right group and community services to gain respect and to know the key leaders and the point of contact in the community to have the best partnership relationship. The strategies must be built or to be implemented to have participation and clear and interactive sessions to enable the culturally appropriate way of working and sharing the understandings. Time and resources should be invested to ensure that relationships are effective and sustainable. Partnerships can be strengthened when they are developed at all levels of the organization and include decision-making bodies. Aboriginal health refers not only to physical health, but also includes the social, emotional, and cultural wellbeing of an individual. The health services must ensure that every individual should tends to achieve their full potential as a human being and bring the maximum from their lives and bring the best wellbeing of their communities. Although there has been an increase in international attention to the question of Indigenous health, information concerning their Indigenous health status is fragmented and incomplete. According to the capacity, and willingness, of various nations to develop information systems the quality of indigenous health information varies.

Health service organizations can identify the potential impact of cultural factors on service delivery to Aboriginal and other clients in the following ways:

  • Acknowledging the impact of events and issues throughout the history of islander people.
  • Acknowledging the impact of colonization which gives the non-indigenous people belonging to Australia an insight into the contemporary physical, mental, social, economic, and political situations of indigenous Australian people.
  • These events explain the importance of empowering indigenous Australian people, which includes co-workers, advocates, access, equity, and social justice.
  • There is a great contribution of these events and issues in shaping indigenous Australian people over many generations affected by many indigenous people whose viewpoint towards non-indigenous people differs.
  • Hence, these effects flow on from generation to generation and influence the confidence and self-esteem of indigenous Australian children.

Description of the qualification

The qualification gives the reflection of the role of Community service health workers who are working in the position of primary health care to give and assist advanced health care management or skills of a health services or clinic and who have good experience in this function of providing health care and other relevant qualifications.

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