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Imagine Columbus set sailed in the vast ocean and never found his way back home. What would happen then? We would not have the world that we are living in today. If people in that era do not have the knowledge and skills to maintain the record of the sea routes or the routes in general, then that would be a bummer for them. Maps were the Google Maps of that era. If we do not have maps or the knowledge of maps at that time, we probably do not have Google maps in the future as well. Cartography is the study and practice of drawing maps. The students who are studying the art or trying to gain knowledge regarding the science find difficulties in completing their assignments. They would always seek professional academic guidance to complete their assignments and score well in their semester. Assignment Hippo, cartography assignment help experts are the ones they can look up upon. Experts at Assignment Hippo will provide you with the best-in-class assignment help to the students in need at a very affordable price. But before going into that part, Let's get started with the technicalities and the reasons behind why students seek cartography assignment help?

Cartography and its technicalities-

Initially, when we do not have any proper technologies and methods to draw route maps we used to draw those things with our hands. The accuracy at that time varied from cartographer to cartographer. It is because they use similar methods to draw maps, but they use their own designed calculations techniques. Later, when we entered the era of technological advancements, many new methods evolved from old and outdated ones. Hence, we officially started taking this seriously.

Cartography is a skill as well as a study of making and drawing maps by combining science, aesthetics, techniques, etc. all together in an effective way that transfer the spatial information conveniently.

Working with so many complicated aspects is not as easy as it seems, and It's a major reason why students seek the best cartography assignment help. We understand the importance of well-written assignments. Hence, we are providing phenomenal assignment help to these students so that they can score the highest grades in their semester.

The major types of maps-

We have seen a lot of different maps in our life, but do you know the specifics of those maps? I guess not in this section, we will get to know about the major types of maps. So without further ado, Let's get started!

Reference maps-

As the name suggests, reference maps are those map that delivers the location information to the user. Geographical details, elements of the map, etc. are always presented on the reference maps in equal proportion. Reference maps are the most accurate ones that represent the geography of the area.

Thematic maps-

These are the ones that represent a particular theme or topic of interest. For example, a world map that shows how many countries are hit severely by the coronavirus? It is one of the recent examples. We have seen a lot of images of the color-coded maps in the news. Another example of a thematic map is the GDP comparison of different countries.

Dynamic maps-

These are the types of maps that deliver the spatial information in the most dynamic way! With technological advancements, dynamic maps are one of the most interactive maps out there. You can pan or zoom freely. The prime example of the dynamic maps is Google maps.

Now, these are not the only topics that the students of cartography have to study in their entire course. These are some of the topics that are common in the subject. All these topics are not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot more to it than only a simple theory of ABCs of the map-making 101! If it is that easy, then every person on this planet would be a cartographer, and a new trend on social media would be launched! Cartography is much more than the trending hashtags on your social media posts. It is the biggest reason why students feel stuck with their assignments and seek professional cartography assignment help.

Let's get into the pain points of students because of which they seek professional academic guidance and how Assignment Hippo would help them.

Why students seek professional assignment writing help?

We have mentioned cartography is among the most complicated subjects. Commonly, students find difficulties in completing their assignments. We understand the pain that these students go through, and this is the reason we are going to mention the top reasons why they feel that they are in desperate need of professional help-

Complicated software-

Gone are the days when we use to draw maps by our hands. Nowadays, with technological advancement, there is a lot of software that people use to draw maps. Now, not everyone is a geek and can gain knowledge of software in an instant. It is the reason why students seek cartography assignment help.

Lack of knowledge-

It is another factor why students feel stuck with their assignments. The subject is already full of complexities. There are a lot of topics that students find very tough. Therefore, they do not have any other option left than to seek professional help.

Not enough time-

We all hate tight deadlines. Many times in universities, professors give assignments on a very tight deadline that it is impossible to complete in the given time. One can only complete the assignment if he has enough experience in the field or he is smarter than his professor. Both of these conditions are the exceptions. For common students seeking academic guidance is the only option left.

How Assignment Hippo help these students?

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