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Cancer, as we all know is the deadly disease that even takes the life of an individual. But are we actually aware that how we became the victim of these diseases and what actually is cancer.

Medically cancer is the unregulated growth of cell. When the complete cell cycle in an individual body gets disturbed and unnecessary cell grows in large number forming malignant tumor and affecting nearby parts of the body, it results in cancer. Cancer can be caused due to several reasons such as: radiation, diet and exercise, infection, heredity, chemicals hormones and physical agents can be reasons but till date no specific cause for cancer has been found yet.

Cancers can be caused in different organs and among them prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, skin cancers are some of the reasons of maximum death in many countries. Early diagnosis of cancer is not possible and in fact it’s hard to find out that whether anybody is suffering from the disease or not but slowly it weakens the body organ and thus lives some of the general symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headache, unconsciousness and many more that when looked up in later stage can dictate cancer. Several drugs are designed, no to eliminate the diseases but to control the uncontrolled growth of cell. Other treatments include surgery of the cancerous portion, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Cancer Assignment Help

We actually can rarely figure out that which of our activity or habit can lead to cancer, all we can do is to adapt good habit, so as to maintain a healthy life. These are few points that need to be taken care of but on the other hand students pursuing cell biology need more than mentioned information. These can be an outline for you to learn and grasp new things and information’s on cancer but it’s not the depth that is required to complete any given assignment.

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