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Introduction to C++

C++ is a general purpose programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs in 1979. Initially C++ language was developed as an enhanced version of C programming, named as “C with Classes”. It was renamed as C++ in 1983. It is an object-oriented programming language but it also supports procedural programming. It is also known as a middle-level language because it supports features of low-level and high-level languages. So it can be used for real-time applications as well as low-level applications like system programming. It was designed for system programming. Especially if you are unaware of the know-hows of C++. We are here to help

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Features of C++ as per C++ Assignment Help Experts


C++ is a simple language. It means very easy to use. It provides a structured approach.It breaks the large problem into small parts. It also provides reusability of program by just concept of OOPS. It is easier to implement generic piece of program that can be reused between projects in C++ than in C

Middle-level programming language

C++ language is known as a middle-level programming language due to its support to low-level and high-level language both. It is used to develop system applications using low level programming.


C++ is a very popular language due to its stability in the area of development. It provides a lot of libraries and inbuilt functions, So it makes the development fast. Compilation and execution time is fast. It also has a clean developing background that makes it popular. 

Compiler based

C++ is a compiler based language, that means C++ program cannot be executed before compilation. To execute a C++ program, you need to compile the program using GCC (C++ compiler).

Example of C++ Programming Assignment Help By Assignment Hippo

An introductory “Hello World” program in C++ looks like
 Your First Program
 using namespace std;
 int main() {
 cout<<"Hello, World!";

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Topics Covered by C++ Assignment Helpers Online

  • Class
  • Functions
  • Virtual Function
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Inheritance
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism

Advantages of C++

C++ has various advantages for software programming. C++ programs use the main function to identify where to start execution. Here are some advantages listed below

Clear and Mature

C++ programming language is the oldest and most efficient language. dominating the kingdom of programming. It has a large community , It has a relatively clear and mature standard

Object Oriented

It offers performance and memory efficiently. It offers high level abstraction , in the language of the problem domain , C++ program is compatible with C , It uses reusability of code and it uses inheritance, polymorphism .

Unions and Structures

Structures in C++ are used for storing heterogeneous members. It means that we can store different types of data types in structure. We use “Struct” keyword for declaring structure. In Structure Memory Allocation of members are in contagious form. Sum of all different data-types will be at least equal to the total size allocated in memory.

Union in C++ are also used for storing heterogeneous members. It means that we can store different types of data types in structure. We use “Union” keyword for declaring union. But Memory allocation of union is different from structure, It uses concepts of Shared memory. So memory allocation size of Union is equals to the largest memory size of its members.

supports inline function

C++ supports inline function. It is a powerful concept used with classes. It is declared by “inline” keyword before a function. Compilers of C++ place a copy of code that is written in inline function. During the call of inline function, It saves overhead of push/pop data on the stack, and also from overhead of return variable. We can't use inline in recursive function.

Disadvantages of C++


As we know object oriented concepts provide a lot of security due to access specifier , abstraction, inheritance etc. But there are also certain security issues due to pointers, friend functions.


Pointers in C++ Consume too much memory and are difficult concepts to grasp. Sometimes the system crashes due to misuse of pointers like wild pointers. 

No Supports for Build-in Thread

C++ language has no support for build-in thread.


C++ is a general-purpose programming language. It is a highly developed programming language in the area of its ease of notation and simplicity. C++ is being used in many applications around the world. That's why it is important and popular in the IT Company. Due to its support for both high-level and low-level programming languages, Its popularity increases day by day.

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